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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-103 Certification Reviews

Video Feedback

I don't think I could have passed with out Whizlabs. They really helped me understand where I was weak and needed to improve. The questions are challenging and will prepare you for the real exam. I passed today.

06 Jul 2020

Congratulations on your well-deserved success.

Helped with exam.

03 Jul 2020

Thank you, we are glad to know to that you liked our courses.

The questions a similar to the actual exam.

30 Jun 2020

This set of practice exams was very comprehensive and provided me with everything I needed to cover to successfully pass the exam the first time! Well done.

30 Jun 2020

These really do cover everything you need for the exam.

30 Jun 2020

The questions are very similar to what appears in the exam and the explanation of why the answers are correct or not is good.

29 Jun 2020

Glad to know that you liked our courses.

The way answers are given is really amazing

29 Jun 2020

Thank you very much.

This Exam will soon retiren (8/31). When will we see AZ-104 becoming available?

28 Jun 2020

Hi Andreas, AZ 104 Practice Tests and Video Course is available in our site. Please check here -

Yes, obviously these practice tests helped me a lot and finally earn certificate. I’ve just one issue in that you guys have used only whizlabs name everywhere in practices however dumps and other practice papers use exact what comes in real exam paper. Also some questions need to get corrected. I want to say please do those correction on immediate basis because some of the people took these practice exam before 2-3 days before actual exam.

27 Jun 2020

Hi Wizlab Team I happy to share that i was done my Az 103 exam successfully. The practice question are really good and helped me to concern on area which I felt week. Each question with proper answer key helped me to easily understand the concepts. Thanks once again.. Really nice and trusted product to evaluate ourselves before going with live exam. :)

25 Jun 2020
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