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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-103 Certification (Expired on Sep 1, 2020) Reviews | Whizlabs

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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-103 Certification (Expired on Sep 1, 2020) Reviews

Video Feedback

I found the range of questions for the AZ 103 practice exams a great help and they helped highlight areas where I had not realised that I lacked a full understanding. Would definitely recommend. I passed !

28 Jun 2019

Impressed with the mock exam content. Would highly recommend.

28 Jun 2019

It really helped me prepare for the multiple choice questions but there were no labs in the practice test which would have been a massive help.

19 Jun 2019

Many thanks to the whizlabs team for all effort that was put into making the AZ103 pracs so informative and helpful.. I've used many video tutorials for this exam, but whizlabs prac tests really helped with solidifying the understanding. Suffice to say I passed the exam a few weeks ago.

19 Jun 2019

I wrote this exam and passed, while it was not Whizlabs alone that I used for my preparations, there are some strong benefits of Whizlabs (I am a repeat customer and will buy more) 1. The expert who is answering the question is doing a great job, a lot of these questions on other sites are wrongly answered, whizlabs provide a brilliant explanation which helps you build your knowledge. 2. There was good 3/4th of exam questions that seem somewhat similar to these questions. What Whizlabs lacks: 1. Labs questions, there will be many lab tasks, 2 labs 8 task each(btw task = creating VM, create backup, creating NSG, creating PLB each is just one task). So, Whizlab should include Lab, in a way that it can practiced(may be screenshots of steps required but build solution asked in Lab). 2. Correct order of answers, arranging answers in correct order, this is not something Whizlabs helps you with. Best of luck guys, advice for anyone taking this exam: practice labs until you are flawless.

13 Jun 2019

Hi Shakti, I am cloud Products Manager in Whizlabs. Thank you for the positive feedback on Practice tests. 1. Labs - These labs are available with the online course which we launched last week. You can get many labs with step by step explanation. These are available as video course for now. We are also working on Hands on Lab for Azure as well where you can do practical. This will be released in near future. 2. Correct order of answers - Thank you for this feedback. We have taken it as new requirement and started working on it. We will update you once its been implemented. Overall this feedback from you has helped us improve the quality. We really appreciate your feedback.

Very useful tool In preparing for the exam. Enjoying the interface and reference materials.

12 Jun 2019

The new format and GUI are very impressive and easier to take in when polishing up your knowledge with the practice questions.

11 Jun 2019

The practice tests were prepared well and in line with the actual exam.

09 Jun 2019

Most of questions are challenged. There are a couple of them that still referencing to the previous powershell module.

09 Jun 2019

Finding it very useful to study for the exam.

05 Jun 2019
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