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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-103 Certification (Expired on Sep 1, 2020) Reviews | Whizlabs

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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-103 Certification (Expired on Sep 1, 2020) Reviews

Video Feedback

I have used Whizlabs practice tests for AZ-103 and AZ-300 and passed the exams with good score. The practice tests were very helpful before I appear for the exam. I felt confident before going to the exam. There were few typos in the tests but the Whizlabs team was very quick in responding to my feedback. Good Job by Whizlabs team.

24 Jul 2019


24 Jul 2019

I just passed the AZ-103 exam; Whizlabs Practice test are very representative of exam and therefore very helpfull for preparation. Explanation are clear with link to Azure documentation.. I 've made some comments on specific questions and recieved answers in few days from Whizlabs. Only labs are missing (I used the AZ-100 ones for preparation).

23 Jul 2019

Great content! I used Whizlabs tests as 80% of my study material --Glad I did that!.

23 Jul 2019

Highly Recommend. Pass first try, and felt very confident through the questions. You will need hands on for the labs though, so make sure to do either use the course or practice on your own

22 Jul 2019

Good questions

21 Jul 2019

Not taken the test yet, but this preparation package make this test a billion times easier to pass...I hope :)

20 Jul 2019

I passed this certification, Whizlabs is an excellent resource towards preparing for this exam. The questions thoroughly cover all exam objectives. The explanations are insightful and technical support is very prompt.

18 Jul 2019

Brilliant! Passed the AZ-103 first time after using Whizlabs. Well over 80% of the questions were there so win win :) Great learning resource with real exam scenario's. The exam has labs which you need to login to Azure to complete so knowing how to perform tasks such as enabling 'soft delete' on a storage account will be a big help. I'll be back for the AZ-301 soon!

17 Jul 2019

H Nigel Congrats .. Do you reckon someone can pass the test without lab experience. Is Whizlab practice test enough to pass the exam with Udemy CBT etc.

An amazing resource to aid in your studies. Helped me pass the az-103 on my second attempt! (For my first attempt didnt use whizlabs)*

16 Jul 2019
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