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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-103 Certification (Expired on Sep 1, 2020) Reviews | Whizlabs

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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-103 Certification (Expired on Sep 1, 2020) Reviews

Video Feedback

I haven’t done the test yet, but this test is good for gearing your mind, and eyes, to read the question fully as there is often a word that changes the nuance of the question, so you can give the correct (Microsoft) answer. My only complaint is that some questions (about 3 or 4) the correct answer is wrong, but confirms you are right in the explanation so you cannot always pass.

09 Oct 2019

Good resource to prepare and pass AZ-103

08 Oct 2019

There were lots of lab questions , kind of misguided in your practice tests as it was completely different to the real exam.

08 Oct 2019

They got the right mix of questions and also engages the user to learn all nuke and corners of the content which makes the certification easy. Good job! Well done!

07 Oct 2019

We can recomend to anyone

06 Oct 2019

This is great practice test experience from whizlabs. It is helping me to seat for Azure real exam,

02 Oct 2019

As ever very clear and accurate material

01 Oct 2019

Great practice test, explanations are extremely helpful in understanding the product. Yes, there are no drag'n'drop questions, but to me it's not a big deal at all - if you know the topic, you won't need them. Thanks to Whizlabs support for prompt responses on a few questions I had during preparation. Exam passed successfully, Microsoft documentation, daily practise in Azure lab and whizlabs tests helped me in preparation.

29 Sep 2019

Thanks for every videos and practice test which helped me acquire my certificate.Now I am azure certified administrator

29 Sep 2019

I recommed this product, it helped me a lot to learn more and pass my exam

28 Sep 2019
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