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Implementing an Azure Data Solution (DP-200) Reviews | Whizlabs

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Implementing an Azure Data Solution (DP-200) Reviews

This was good prep for the test,. highly recommended.

05 Apr 2021

Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback with us!

I passed the DP-200 exam. The practice tests were very useful for my preparation

10 Mar 2021

Great! Congratulations on passing the exam!

With this tests I've passed the Exam

01 Feb 2021

Best wishes on your great victory, and happy to hear that whizlabs helped you in passing the exam.

I passed DP 200 exam. The practice questions provided were quite useful.

05 Jan 2021

Great! Congratulations on passing the exam!

Practice questions are really good and informative

16 Nov 2020


13 Nov 2020

very good functionality of the site, with possibility of use of practice mode which is very helpful. On downside for this particular exam, there was only3 practice tests.

02 Nov 2020

Almost all Q&A are correct but some answers need to be rectified fast and not just state "that the answer will be rectified soon" !

02 Nov 2020

This was a really though exam, but it helped a lot praciticing the tests from whizlabs.

29 Oct 2020

I always recommend to do the whizlab practice test before the real exams . I have done several certifications in the past and I always find it useful . my recommendation is to answer the questions fast to make sure that you understand the materials by heart (always read the answers even if your answer is correct as many time it give you the full aspect why the answer is correct)

29 Oct 2020
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