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Exam AZ-400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions

Practice Exams, Video Lectures and Hands-on Labs


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Course Overview

Enroll in our Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions AZ-400 course today to gain the technical skills and get hands-on experience to confidently pass the certification exam. This course will help you to demonstrate skills such as Developing, Implementing, Managing source control of Azure DevOps applications. To give you a complete idea of the exam, the questions in these practice tests are similar to the actual certification exam questions. These practice tests will help you by reinforcing the exam concepts.

Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions (AZ-400) Description

As you know, Azure DevOps Solutions is one of the new-role based Azure Certification that validates the skills of Azure DevOps Professionals. It's the "AZ-400" test, which qualifies you to work as Azure DevOps Engineers with recognition from Microsoft. After completing this course, you will have the skills and understanding of the AZ-400 that you need to prepare and succeed.

Skills Measured for AZ-400 Exam

Design & Implement processes and communications: This domain covers around 10-15% of the exam syllabus and it covers the key topics on Configure activity traceability and flow of work and Configuration of collaboration and communication. 

Design and implement source control: It covers around 10—15% of exam and it includes topics such as Design and implement a source control strategy , plan and implement branching strategies for the source code and Configure and manage repositories.

Design and implement build and release pipelines: It may cover up to 50—55% and some of the topics wrapped up in this domain such as Design and implement pipeline automation, package management strategy, pipelines, deployments and  infrastructure as code (IaC) and maintain pipelines.

Develop a security and compliance plans: It may range from 10 -15% of exam syllabus and it covers key topics like Design and implement a strategy for managing sensitive information and automation of security and compliance scanning.

Implement an instrumentation strategy: It may cover upto 5—10% and topics covered such as Configure monitoring for a DevOps environment and metrics analysis process occurs.

Who should take this AZ-400 certification course?

The AZ-400 certification course is intended for the following individual:

  • Candidates aiming to establish themselves in the market for Agile and DevOps practices can take the AZ-400 certification.
  • Candidates for this role will be responsible for delivering Microsoft DevOps solutions that provide continuous security, integration, testing, delivery, deployment, monitoring and feedback.
  • Candidates who are already working on software development, project management, administration or lead engineer and then moving into DevOps domain can take AZ-400 exam with design and implement flow of work, collaboration, communication, source control and automation.
  • You must be familiar with both Azure administration and development as well as subject matter expertise in working with people, processes and products.

Key Features of the Course

  • 5 Full-Length Mock Exams (275 Unique Questions)
  • Objective Based Practice Tests
  • 24x7 Support from our Subject Matter Experts
  • 60+ Self-Paced Video Lectures
  • Unlimited Access for 2 Year

What are the prerequisites for taking AZ-400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions certification course?

  • To become a Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer expert, you must earn at least one of the following certifications: AZ-104: Azure Administrator Associate or AZ-204: Azure Developer Associate.
  • Candidates should have experience in both administration and development in Azure, with strong skills in at least one of these. They should have experience in implementing GitHub and Azure DevOps solutions.
  • Candidates should be willing to work with cross-functional teams: Developers, SREs[Site Reliability Engineers], Azure Administrators and Security Engineers.

Included in this course

  • Practice Tests11 Practice Tests
  • Video Course93 Videos Available
  • Hands-on Labs65 Labs Available
  • Cloud SandboxAvailable
Topic-wise Content Distribution
Free Test
1 Test
Topic-wise Content Distribution
Free Test
Topic-wise Content Distribution
  • About the course
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    1m 28s
  • Course understanding
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    2m 42s
  • Introduction to DevOps
    4m 49s
  • The Different DevOps tools
    4m 14s
Topic-wise Content Distribution
Configure collaboration and communication
  • Understanding Azure API Management
    1h 45m
  • API Management Policies
    1h 45m
  • Import and publish your first API
    1h 30m

AZ 400 Cloud Sandbox is a real time Azuure environment. This sandbox provisioned with the Azure services that are required to pass the AZ-400 certification exam. It is a Azure Playground with unlimited access to practice, test and experiment your ideas to prepare for Microsoft Azure Devops Solutions exam.

If you find any services that are not supported in our Sandbox, please send a e-mail to support@whizlabs.com

Exam Format and Information

AZ-400 certification

Why Choose Us? 

Practice Questions

5 Full-length Mock Exams (275+ unique Microsoft Azure AZ-400 Certification Exam practice questions)

Section Quiz

4+ section quiz covering the most important topics for the exam (Define and implement continuous integration,Manage Source Control and Facilitate communication and collaboration, Develop an Instrumentaion Strategy)

Online Course

9 hours 09 minutes Training Videos for all the certification exam objectives covered in the exam AZ-400. Our easy-to-understand explanation, even for the difficult concepts, will amaze you and blow your mind.

Hands-on Videos

Scenario-based lab exercise videos recommended for AZ 400 Certification Exam

Experts Support

Our support team consists of Azure Experts, ready to clarify all your questions.


Exam AZ-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions Exam Feedback from Our Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Learners Review

Etim Nkposong

A good study aid.

When used properly, this practice test can help you pass the az-400 exam.

a month ago

verifield vector

Verified buyer


Helped me to pass in my exam Dumpschool.com

I am grateful for their updated exam in 2024, which played a significant role in my success. They provided me with exam questions and helped me feel prepared. Thanks and good luck

a month ago

chefai youssef

Azure DevOps, Scrum, kubernetes sandbox

I am personally satisfied with the WHIZLABS tests, especially for scrum, DevOps and Azure. The tests were very helpful in passing the exams. Also, I used the Azure cloud sandbox, and it’s great if you want to learn how everything works. Highly recommended.

2 months ago

Olayinka Shodimu

Great for hands on experience

The labs are ideal and very good for practice and gaining hands on experience

3 months ago

Kevin Chu

AZ - 400 great study

Great Study material with good practice tests, gives an idea of how the exam would be like

3 months ago

verifield vector

Verified buyer

Javier Avalos

Helpfull labs

Helpfull labs

4 months ago

Vinícius Miranda Baptista

Helped me to pass in my exam

I love this plataform, the courses and sandboxes.

4 months ago

verifield vector

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Whizlabs Corse Videos are simple,engaging and easy to learn

I have been using Whizlabs since last two years and found it very engaging. Most of the course videos are very easy to understand and have very practical aproach.

5 months ago


Amazing learning Video's

Learning video' s are amazing, helped me in preparing and get certified in AZ-400

5 months ago

verifield vector

Verified buyer


Passed DevOps and other Azure certs

Passed DevOps and other Azure certs. Great coverage of all important areas with amazing explanation.

7 months ago

verifield vector

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