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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-303 Certification Reviews | Whizlabs

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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-303 Certification Reviews

Question options and explaination for few of them can be researched more before publishing in test, rest all looks good.

15 Jan 2021

I am going through the course and it has good content as per what I have covered so far. I can let you know more once I finish the course.

12 Jan 2021

Thank you for taking the time to give your feedback. We really appreciate it.

I found the practice exams VERY useful. All of the materials , including the explanations and reference links, were very helpful and many of the questions were on the actual exam. I have now passed the AZ-303 certification exam.

08 Jan 2021

Best wishes on your great victory! We look forward to helping you in the future.

First of all I must thank Whizlabs for the initiative and mention that it provided me perspective for preparation. However, I'd like to also call out that many answers were marked incorrectly and also had ambiguous explanation. I had pointed out a few of them and got prompt feedback as well. If the margin of error is reduced, this would be a fantastic product. Cheers!

07 Jan 2021

Thank you for your valuable feedback, and sure we will surely work on it at the earliest.

Hi, By viewing the course videos and taking the various tests, I was able to obtain the Az-303 certification on the first attempt. Well done and good luck.

04 Jan 2021

Congratulations on your excellent success!

I passed the test and Whizlabs helped me once again with it. There were many questions in the actual test tho that Whizlabs didn't cover at all.

22 Dec 2020

Hi Jürgen,

Thanks for the review, what's the percentage of Whizlabs questions vs the actual test and what are other resources do you recommend to prepare for the exam.


I have seen same question with different angles. There are many such questions.. instead of asking one question with different angle why can't you change question to new topic?

10 Dec 2020

Sure, we value your feedback to improve quality! Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Well done preparation with whizlab

08 Dec 2020

Congratulations on clearing the exam!

Excellent practice tests. Definitely recommended!

07 Dec 2020

Hi, Congratulation ! I took online Udemy AZ-303 course and bought Whiz Labs practice tests & preparing it.. I have few questions. Are these practice test sufficient go for test. Is there any lab do we need to perform in the real exam? Thank you, Sunny

I passed Az-303 Today Question help a lot

05 Dec 2020

Great! Congratulations on passing the exam!

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