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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-302 Certification Reviews

the best preparation site, it sums up the preparation for the exam with the specific preparation of the topic, it is not just simple dumps to complete the exam but specific training is offered. I passed the exam with 800. I recommend this site

05 Jun 2019

5 star, has lab walkthroughs and the 5 practice tests have been a tremendous help to me for learning the content.

05 Jun 2019

Practice questions help me a lot. Thanks

03 Jun 2019

A really good and concise set of preparation material to get the subject matter to the forefront of your mind ready for the exam. A good mix of theory and lab demonstrations from what you may experience in the exam, not all but quite a lot of similar questions and tasks came up in my exam, so it is worthwhile going over the sample questions as well as digging into the explanation links out to the Microsoft documentation.

31 May 2019

Thanks for your detailed information about this exam.

24 May 2019

The practice questions were bang on for section 1 and 3 of the exam. Unfortunately there are 3 sections.. I wish this material also prepared me as adequately for section 2 (labs). Better still I wish I had been prepared to the format of the exam. Section 2 an3czme as a surprise.

23 May 2019

Managed to pass AZ-302 in May 2019 upon first try. There are now many hands on exercises in the exam, I felt like spending more than 50% of my time creating VMs, load balancers, application gateways, DNS configuration, VNET peerings etc etc etc. Make sure you invest enough time into getting your hands dirty. I found the Whizlab course pretty helpful, especially the videos can really reinforce the theory. The questions in the course were really good preparation, some of them appeared in the exam as well. Still, I suggest using this course for preparation. I will do so upon my next exam.

18 May 2019

I really like the level of effort that has been put into these exams. Most of which is the reference to the Microsoft Documentation provided when you miss a question which really helps you study your weak areas. The price is excellent, well worth the money. The ONLY reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that I have found several mistakes. These are the best practice exams I have found / used by far. Keep up the great work.

16 May 2019

Passed AZ-302 after reviewing all the labs in the video sections. It is an exam you will probably need close to all your time for so divide your time wisely. The questions are most of all pretty straight forward, but the 17 lab tasks I had to do sucked up at least 75% of my time. That is also because the environment at the exam centers really isn't all that great and scrolling and clicking in those environments doesn't really work well together. Couldn't have passed without seeing some of the example labs here. Some of them are really elaborate, so read carefully and take your time. If you don't know how to complete all steps, give it one try and if you can't figure it out, don't waste your time, you will need it.

06 May 2019

The AZ-302 course is to fantastic and one of the few courses which have theory and lab videos. The course structure is as per the exam and I was able to pass the exam after completing the course. Also the 4 practice tests are spot on and really helps in preparation. Overall a great course. I

19 Apr 2019
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