Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-300 Certification Reviews

I cleared AZ-300, and Whizlab practice test helped prepare for the subject.

12 Aug 2019

I really want to thank WHIZLABS for providing good collection of questions for AZ 300 Exam. It really helped to understand deeper. Some of the questions repeated in the Exam. I have cleared the exam. Thank you

08 Aug 2019

The test series for AZ-300 was very helpful and I cleared my certification last month. It has very detailed explanation on asnwers is very useful with direct links to microsoft azure website. I recommend this to score your points for objective questions and I suggest Whizlabs to add some practical lad questions as well as AZ300 test has such Lab exercises

07 Aug 2019

Whizlabs covered the exam content very well and was really helpful in understanding the exam pattern and the kay focus areas Will be looking forward for DP-200 and 201 practice tests Thanks much Jyothi

05 Aug 2019

I have cleared 300 exam last week. Whizlabs practice test helps you prepare for the topics and plausible scenarios you may encounter in the real exam. It helped me prepare for the weak areas and also, understand the AZ features better with the explanation along with the direct link to the Microsoft documentation.

05 Aug 2019

I took AZ-300 today and it was very hard. I don't remember seeing any questions in the practice exams shows up in the exam. there are lots of hands on lab in the exam and case studies.

02 Aug 2019

Very useful. The course and the tests helped me prepare for and pass the AZ-300 exam. Many exam-questions are nearly identical to the ones in the tests. I highly recommend it to anyone who is about to take the exam.

29 Jul 2019

It works - practice exams are realistic.

27 Jul 2019

I've passed the AZ-300 exam today . The practice test helped me a lot . I was impressed with layout and the links to Microsoft site. I highly recommend Whizlab to anyone preparing for Cloud exam. Keep up the good work

24 Jul 2019

Hi Mohammed, Thanks for sharing your experience. I am also planning to give AZ-300 exam and for that need to buy practice test. Can you pls let me know if buying the practice test on whizlabs helped you to clear the exam? Also the pattern of questions asked in test. Is there any lab question? Many thanks.

I had purchased AZ-300 and AZ-103, AZ-900 from Whizlabs. It is Awsome. I am going to take the test next month and I know with these practice test, I am in good hands.

24 Jul 2019
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