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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-300 Certification (Expired on Sep 30, 2020) Reviews | Whizlabs

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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-300 Certification (Expired on Sep 30, 2020) Reviews

Though the exam is discontinued now but I found the content quality top notch. All questions were real exam like.

22 Nov 2020

I used it to pass my AZ-300 exam and this was an immensely valuable study material. It helped me quickly identify areas in which I was lacking and gave me the tools to cover those areas.

22 Oct 2020

I always like whizlabs due to detailed explanations and extra information to build concepts. I completed AZ-100 (Admin) and AZ-300 (Sol Arch Tech) using whizlabs.

05 Oct 2020

I found the exam questions very relevant and usful to prepare me for the exam!

04 Oct 2020

I found the questions here valuable, few of them needs correction to both questions and answer keys. It is good if you know the theory before attempting these questions. Go through the links to understand the answers.

29 Sep 2020

These practice exams helped me prepare for the az-300 exam

29 Sep 2020

Tests provide great overview to topics required to pass the exam. Tests are aligned with the real test and the answers do explain why certain answers are considered the correct ones

27 Sep 2020

I found this an invaluable study preparation tool

25 Sep 2020

Thank you for providing your feedback!

Practice questions are good, help you to understand the topic from different angle. I have just passed this morning. A few questions can be a little bit more in-depth if you want to be a bit picky. Thank you.

21 Sep 2020

Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve!

Questions were good for studying. Helps identify the areas you need to work on. Helped me passed.

18 Sep 2020
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