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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-204 Certification Reviews | Whizlabs

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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-204 Certification Reviews

I've already passed 2 my Azure exams, Good practice tests. Very useful to think case-like. Also, I've enjoyed the video theory/labs course –very good and detail overviews.

02 Dec 2020

Whizlab Az-204 is the best. Detailed and well structured both for the exams and professionally

28 Nov 2020

I used Whizlabs practice test for preparation of Az-204. I passed AZ-204.I got lot of help to pass this exam ,thanks Whizlabs

23 Nov 2020

Good practice test. Highly recommend.

20 Nov 2020

good questions helps to prepare and mock test.

19 Nov 2020

Good practice tests for preparing for the certification exam!

18 Nov 2020

I passed my exam, and that was largely due to the decision to buy the practice test from whizlabs. Thank you. Looking forward to buying some more tests for other Azure exams.

17 Nov 2020

Hi Ali, congratulations on you success. Does the exam has code snippet or need to write code or command?

I passed my AZ-204 exam two weeks ago . A huge shout to WhizLab exam test which were very relevant and helpful to make me ready for the test. It was a confidence booster and i would recommend it to anyone taking the exam.

17 Nov 2020

Whizlabgs tests various capacities optimally and very close to the live test conducted!

16 Nov 2020

Very good, very helpful

10 Nov 2020
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