Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-203 Certification Reviews

The content is really focused and designed in a way that would match up with real exam contents.

15 Aug 2019

are these reviews genuine?

14 Aug 2019

Excellent practice exams

13 Aug 2019

Good Practice test with link to Microsoft sites...learn in the convenient way...

23 Jul 2019

Early days but up to now the material seem easy to follow and detailed. Looking forward to complete the training.

23 Jul 2019

Whizlabs is having a good set of questions. It helped me very much in getting through the exams.

22 Jul 2019

Good questions and examples. Good complement to example

02 Jul 2019

I am a satisfied customer of whizlabs. I recommend buy both course lectures (videos) and Practice Tests. To tell you truth I watched all the video material and practiced every Lab- Video lecture and after doing my 100% prep, took me 1.5 month of time for prep, I practiced the test to make my self confident. I passed the Az-203 exam on first attempt.

27 Jun 2019


20 Jun 2019

I used these and another source for practice tests. You can pass with just these tests, followed up by documentation from the Microsoft Documentation mentioned in the explanation section.. Understand why a question is correct and not the rest of them. Know the layout of the azure cli commands and the equivalent Powershell ones and you'll do fine.. Excellent content in the tests some of it original.

19 Jun 2019

how many questions came from these practice test ? i am gonna attend tom, So your inputs will be valuable for me.

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