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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-203 Certification (Expired on Sep 1, 2020) Reviews | Whizlabs

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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-203 Certification (Expired on Sep 1, 2020) Reviews

Video Feedback

The practice test material for AZ 203 help you prepare for the new 204 exam. The Whiz labs practice tests are very relevant to the current exam. The answers and the links provided help ma make sure the answers are right, plus, I get a deep dive into the topics at my pace.

12 Oct 2020

I have loved it and got addicted with the practice tests of WHIZLABS. Planning to do some more certifications and definitely will buy few more modules from WHIZLABS.

11 Sep 2020

The practice test materials are very good. Its help me a lot in my az 203 exam preparation. Thanks whizlabs.

03 Sep 2020

The practice tests were great. Just make sure you get the right ones. I was studying for the Az-204 exam and most of the Az-203 questions were still relevant, so it helped, but I still needed to practice using the Az-204 tests on the day before my exam. Ultimately, I passed. Thanks WhizLabs! Great Offering.

03 Sep 2020

Passed the test on the first go. These tests partly made me achieve this. It gives more insight in the ways questions are formulated, as well as the case studies. However don't think you'll succeed by just learning these practice tests. That's not the goal.

27 Aug 2020

Good and easy to understand

23 Aug 2020

I am happy to learn through Whizlabs. I passed AZ-900 and AZ-203 by learning from Whizlabs videos and practice tests. I bought 2 more courses now. I recommend this for wholesome learning

12 Aug 2020

So good so far, enjoying the labs!

11 Aug 2020

I found Wizlab helpful in 203 exam preparation. However I suggest everyone to go for AZ-204, I would suggest Wizlab to add group/discussion board so that we can query\update regarding question bank.

05 Aug 2020

Passed the exam. The questions were really good and helped with the preparation for the exam.

30 Jul 2020
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