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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-102 Certification Reviews | Whizlabs


Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-102 Certification Reviews

Test looks like the official. All the answers work for do a good review of your knowledge.

12 Aug 2019

Helpful material to study for the test.

05 Aug 2019

Excellent :)

15 Jul 2019


14 Jul 2019


14 Jul 2019

Question and answer were very informative and helped a lot while preparing for az-102 exam and I passed the exam with 800 marks

04 Jul 2019

The questions i had here were exactly what i needed to study and pass the exam!

29 Jun 2019

The summaries after each question were well explained. Detailed explanations with Microsoft links, Portal screenshots, etc. Very helpful. Cleared my exam

28 Jun 2019

The questions were perfect for covering the topics covered in the test. The answers and explanations after every question were very helpful in passing the Test. The explanations were the Key !!! Thanks This was a valuable resource in passing the exam

25 Jun 2019

Excellent resource for checking knowledge

24 Jun 2019
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