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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-101 Certification Reviews

Course is to the point and gives confidence of knowing the subject and clearing the exam,

16 Jun 2019

The tutorial is really exceptional and to the point. The instructor is giving a complete picture and hitting the exam objectives. I can depend upon it to complete my exams.

16 Jun 2019

Did not need to do AZ-101 in the end but have been able to do a couple of runs of the tests to identify gaps. The AZ-100 equivalent was invaluable in passing that exam which was all I needed in the end, which is why I've 5-starred this. I'm sure the material will be carried into the new combined exam

10 Jun 2019

Course material was immensely helpful and well designed!

17 May 2019

Questions and explanations are useful to understand Azure usage and practice. However, I hadn't got time to take the exam and the exam has been retired since end of april. It is now replaced by AZ-300

16 May 2019

Learned from the content. Disappointed that Microsoft did away with the cert need for this exam

15 May 2019

I passed the exam after taking the practice questions from Whizlabs. The questions are arranged similar to the actual exam.

15 May 2019

I love this content and very helpful to pass the exams

15 May 2019
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