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Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer Reviews

The tests were very useful for understanding the type of questions in the real exam, and what topics were important.

03 Aug 2020

Good material to test the understanding of the exam question types to expect

26 Jul 2020

Whizlab helped me clear the professional data engineer certification. All the videos are very helpul and conceptual. Practice tests are very similar to the questions that appeared in exam. I am very thankful to whizlabs and i will be surely doing other preparations in near future. I am available for any kind of help if needed.

17 Jul 2020

Congratulations and best wishes for your next certificate!

The test were helpful but the questions in the exam were much more complicated. I cleared the exam and the tests did help but next iteration they should be revamped and made more difficult

10 Jul 2020

Heartfelt congratulations to you.

The question subjects are good. Sometimes, the question wording is confusing. For a number of questions, there are two answers which are correct (even when it is supposed to be a single correct answer) I used this product as a way to guide me to the topics that I had gaps in. I wouldn't rely on the answers suggested in the site, but rather do my own research.

08 Jul 2020

I purchased only the practice exam and it was very useful to assist me in passing the professional exam.

07 Jul 2020

Useful exam tests but sometimes questions repeats.

23 Jun 2020

I've just began my way to achieve the GCP certification and this resource is absolutely helpful for me. I can test myself and find out my gaps. Nice to have such helper.

01 Apr 2020

Thank you for your feedback we appreciate!

The questions are quite exam-like. However, the one you'll find in the exam are far more difficult than the one you'll find in whizzlabs.That's why it's advisable to read all the links provided in the answer links. Ah, and don't hesitate to explore the doc by yourself.

02 Mar 2020

Thank you for providing us with your feedback!

Are these all updated question sets?

This is tough exam and there are very few prep exams. So that's when whizlabs helps. It helped me to check my prep levels and work on weak areas. Actual exam is 30% more challenging. Ultimately you also need to study google documentaion.

15 Feb 2020

Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

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