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Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer Reviews | Whizlabs


Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer Reviews

This is tough exam and there are very few prep exams. So that's when whizlabs helps. It helped me to check my prep levels and work on weak areas. Actual exam is 30% more challenging. Ultimately you also need to study google documentaion.

15 Feb 2020

Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

This is best exam resources I found so far, the questions not only good for exam preparation but also helps to tackle clients critical problems, little I practice here make feel confident when visiting my company client. I will definitely recommend it to all my colleagues.

03 Feb 2020

Thank you for the feedback much appreciated!

The explanation given along with each question is very helpful. And exact link to google docs is helped me to read up in detail.

02 Jan 2020

I wrote the Google Data Certification exam today and I passed. I strongly recommend the practice test to anyone willing to take this exam. Very helpful in detecting weak areas before taking the exam. This exam was tough. Strange questions and more than 50% of my questions today centered around Bigquery with significant portion coming from kafka, pubsub, dataflow and Bigtable. In any case, the practice test was helpful. The single most important resource is google documentation.

31 Dec 2019

Congratulations on passing the exam and thank you for sharing your great experience with us!

Whizlabs questionnaire could help with GCP Data Engineer exams preparation and understand more the way GCP is working.

10 Dec 2019

Great resources for GCP certification

08 Dec 2019

Exam question were helpful in letting me know where I was week in and concentrate on those topics.

08 Dec 2019

I am happy to inform that I have cleared GCP Data Engineer exam yesterday. Whizlabs questionnaire is good revision. Actual exam is very very tough and will be tested in different areas. This will help you with 10% of preparation /requirement only.

03 Dec 2019

Although I detect a couple of wrong answers these exam are a great resource towards data enginner exam. I only missed official documentation links in the responses

22 Nov 2019

While the questions were good the questions at the exam keep evolving. Overall I am satisfied as it did help in my passing the Google professional data engineering. certification.

13 Nov 2019
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