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Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer Reviews

The Google cert questions are more focused on short case studies (per question, a couple of lines) , that often involve DE pipelines and the best google recommended solutions. (based on performance, cost, time to deploy, all in the question). Also the cert questions profile in terms of coverage or topics such as ML, SQLqueries, differs a bit from BOTH the google practice exams and the whizlabs practices. Nevertheless, the whizlabs are good practice and good value and explanations good with good references. Great value considering the cost of certifications and penalties for repeat fails.

16 Apr 2021

These tests helped me prepare for the exam, I found the questions similar to a point to the actual ones. I would recommend whoever wants to take the exam to go through these sets before. For me it was a success, I passed it on my first attempt.

30 Mar 2021

Congrats on passing the exam! I hope you keep in touch with the Whizlabs certification and refer to your friends too...

These practice tests are good preparation for actual exam but although the questions between different tests keeps on repeating on some instances.

07 Mar 2021

Thank you for sharing your feedback, and it will help us a lot to improve our quality!

A very in-depth and perfect course for someone attempting the Google cloud certification. It covers all the important topics and the practice tests are also very relevant to the final exam

20 Feb 2021

Thank you so much for your thoughtful and detailed feedback.

These test contribute and help you to study some aspects of the program that are hidden from main focus. Recommended to anyone who wants to reinforce his learning.

11 Feb 2021

Thank you for the wonderful review and for taking the time to share your feedback with Whizlabs.

In my opinion, many questions are being repeated between practice tests. I got PCA tests also but PDE has lot of repeated questions. Need more questions for practice. Rest is awesome. I have already recommended to friends about PCA. Thanks

24 Jan 2021

Thank you for your valuable feedback, and we will surely work on it at the earliest.

The GCP PDE practice tests are very good and was able to get most of these for my exam preparation. I did able to pass the exam and this is highly recommended for the exam preparation. Thanks Jeet

06 Jan 2021

Congrats on clearing the exam! We look forward to serving you again!

Absolutely perfect! Helped me passed the exam. Definitely recommended to everyone who is planning for this exam

03 Jan 2021

Congrats on clearing the exam! Looking forward to helping you in the future.

I think that, for this and other Certification Exams, it offers a very good tool for preparation. Topics and explaination are very useful and accurate.

20 Dec 2020

We’re happy to hear we hit the mark for you.

Go0d practice test and have different and latest questions and its solutions

28 Nov 2020

Thank you for the great review!

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