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Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect Reviews

Video Feedback

Positives: + Covers most of the syllabus and helps you to understand which areas to revise + Breadth of coverage + value for money Negatives: - sum questions very poorly worded - mix of single and multi-answer questions doesn't seem to reflect the actual exam - all my exam questions only had possible 4 answers - poor spelling and grammar in some questions - some answers are incorrect

06 Aug 2020

Decent material useful to review product features and basic scenarios

03 Aug 2020

The practice tests were good and similar to the real test. But a lot of the questions were not updated to the correct answer even though the comment on the question said "we reached out to our backend team to update". There were also lots of spelling and grammatical errors that made some questions hard to understand.

01 Aug 2020

All the practice tests are very much useful to understand the complexity of real exam, Practicing also helping to gain speed to complete all the questions in real exam.

29 Jul 2020

The practice exam questions are very useful and the explanations afterwards are excellent.

28 Jul 2020

It was really useful. After passing the real exam it felt like questions here generally a bit more complex than on the real exam. In overall if you have worked out all the 5 sets you have good chances to pass the real exam.

17 Jul 2020

Pretty much handy for preparing you for the exam.

16 Jul 2020

Thank you for your great feedback.

The questions on the practice tests prepared me to sit and pass the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect exam.

12 Jul 2020

It has been easy to use the platform and the resources are very helpful.

07 Jul 2020

Thank you for your great feedback.

I cleared my gcp architect exam last week. Along with study from blogs, youtube, google cloud documentation, qwiklabs and from coursera, I also took the practice questions from whizlabs. They have good set of practice questions which can help you prepare for exams for sure but few improvements needed like: - They have a nice feature to form your own questions from the wrong entry for AWS practice set which is not available here - Number of scenarios are covered here are not enough and required more questions set You will get some nice idea on how to use the gcp services to design a solution. But dont expect to get a direct question in the real exam from this practice set. Actual questions will be different for sure.

05 Jul 2020
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