Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect Reviews

It was useful to the extent. Some answers require additional review and sometimes contradict. In general - it was useful as practice for exam. In sense of understanding how product works - it is better to try everything in GCP account to check answers in real environment.

13 Aug 2019

Well prepared questions and the explanations given with them were especially helpful.

10 Aug 2019

Great practice test to get the questions format in GCP ecam

05 Aug 2019

The questions are very useful in preparing for the actual exam. In particular the case studies were very valuable. There were questions presented in the Whizlabs tests that were not covered in any other learning resource. Also the test writers were very responsive in addressing questions about the answers or question language. Incredibly valuable resource. (Oh! I passed the exam, and I think it was completely due to this product !)

01 Aug 2019

Good practice tests, but most of them are very similar to Google Cloud official practice tests and number of questions are lower than AWS SAA practice tests. But explanations of each question are very helpful, I could pass GCP PCA exam on the first try. Thanks !

25 Jul 2019

It is great to see after the decline of Transcended (few relevant exams), there is a great leader up and coming. This tool was great to help me prepare! While I did not pass any of the practice test (tough cookie), my study of topics I was getting wrong and challenge to the missed items would allow me to pass the exam. Thanks guys!

07 Jul 2019
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