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Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Reviews

Video Feedback

Hello Guys, I’m really sorry but I have a new born I can’t start to study yet, but a friend recommend me your web, so, I’m pretty sure the exam certification is amazing. Regards

30 Nov 2020

In my opinion, this simulation is still a little raw. Few questions, some explanations could be improved and I reported errors in some regarding the correct answer to some questions. Anyway it is useful and helped me pass the exam. Definitely worth the price.

28 Nov 2020

very helpfull , i passed exam

15 Nov 2020

This practice test is really well and very nicely constructed considering the real exam. Very helpful to boost your confidence if you are coming prepared and then solving those question papers before going for a final exam.

04 Oct 2020

Take the courses. Go for the practice exams as soon as possible. While not confident about the right answers (doesn't matter if you see it over and over .. wait a day or two to retake them), keep trying. When achieving over 80% you are ready.. This exams are tough enough to get you ready! I have at least 2years of xp with GCP. Don't worry! The exams are harder than u expect but totally worth it! I had a PASS at my first try!

02 Sep 2020

I have no exp in GCP but got good knowledge on AWS / Azure. Do you think going through whizlabs course + practice exams ( with honest! ) will help?

Course is well organized. I cleared my ACE exam.

26 Aug 2020

Do you have prior exp on GCP?

I actually passed the exam. I passed the exam, but to be honest I also prepared using other platforms as well (Coursera). However, the questions here were almost the same as the real exam questions.... some of them ere exactly the same I first used Whizlabs in 2008 for the SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer) when Whizlabs of a software bundle to download and install locally. However, I think practice with Whizlabs practice test is a must. Especially because you can review the questions and get the explanation.

18 Aug 2020

I gave the exam today and passed it. I am very satisfied with the exam papers and the explanation given below every question.

10 Aug 2020

Test is awesome. Helped me to clear this exam in one go. Everything is explained very well. I used this practice test with Udemy. Both helped me a lot.

04 Aug 2020

Could have had a few more questions but otherwise solid product and it helped me get the cert!

29 Jul 2020
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