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Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Reviews

The exam questions are on point when it comes to the difficulty of the exam and the subject matter. The hardest things about doing cloud exams (any) is finding where the "exam boundary" is and not getting sucked down a rabbit hole of irrelevant information. These questions are an excellent benchmark to set your study criteria against.

04 Dec 2019

The practice exam helped to test the strong and weak areas and thus helping to revise the topics. Ask our experts and google documentation link at the end of each question was really very helpful. Many of them gave insights into topics. I have been able to clear the exam and many thanks for helping with the preparation.

29 Nov 2019

Practice exams were good and reflective of exam patterns .

28 Nov 2019

I passed my GCP Associate Cloud Engineer exam last week in my first attempt and I owe a good amount of credit to Whizlabs preparation questions. Questions are very useful along with detailed answers to appropriate reference material to GCP documentation. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is taking up the exam

20 Nov 2019

Whizlabs practice exams seem hard, but are exactly like the actual exam. Wouldn’t have passed first time if hadn’t been able to use these practice exams to highlight areas I needed to learn better. Passed exam first time today.

28 Oct 2019

The questions are well prepared, however the study guide comprise of 18 chapters, so the number of practice questions has to be significantly increased so that you would have the best chance possible of passing the exam in the first sitting.

20 Sep 2019

Good practice test! It was hard to find a way to see how well prepared (or not) I was, although Google publishes the general subjects for the this certification, they’re practice test is fairly short and there is only one. After actually taking the certification exam, this practice test was a good representation of the types and level of detail for the actual questions.

16 Sep 2019

You have to purchase the study guide book (Amazon), then you will be granted with an access code to over 450 exam practice questions and 120 flashcards.

Nice ques and explanation to build confidence. It helped me to clear certification.

15 Sep 2019
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