Google Cloud Certifications

Google Cloud is one of the top three Cloud Players in the market. Launched by Google in 2012, Google Cloud Platform provides a set of Cloud Computing Services. It supplies various resources like database, applications, storage etc. over the internet.

Google offers certifications and training courses based on Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud Certifications demonstrate one’s knowledge and expertise in designing, development, management, and administration of data solutions and application infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform.

Why Whizlabs Google Cloud Certification Training Courses?

Whizlabs is aimed to help professionals in their certification exam preparation to be confident enough to pass the Google certifications in the first attempt. We compile best-in-industry training courses and practice tests that will prove an important resource to pass Google Cloud certifications. The reasons why you should choose Whizlabs Google Cloud certification training courses are –

Google Cloud Certifications

Google offers 5 certifications to validate the skills of Google Cloud professionals –

Why are Google Cloud Certifications so important?

Google is one of the top 3 Cloud Service Providers in the Cloud Market. With the popularity and adoption of Google Cloud Platform, the Google Cloud certifications are gaining more and more importance every day. Google Cloud Certifications are important because they

Reality Watch – Market Demand for Google Cloud Certifications

Since its launch,  Google Cloud Platform has been undergoing several stages of growth. The market value of Google Cloud is increasing the demand for Google Cloud Certifications.

Google Cloud Platform is the third largest Cloud Service Provider in terms of the Cloud Market Share.

As per IT Job Swatch Google Cloud Platform Job Trends Report UK for June 2018,  Google Cloud ranks 2 among Top 30 Co-occurring IT skills which increase the demand for Google Cloud certifications.

Google Cloud certifications are one of the highest paying IT certifications now; it means getting certified in Google cloud helps you earn more.

As per Indeed Salary Report, the average salary of a Certified Google Cloud Architect is $164,000.

Are you looking for Best-in-industry Google Cloud Certification Training?

If yes, you have reached the destination. At Whizlabs, we are dedicated to provide best-in-industry and high-quality training courses and practice material to prepare for the Google Cloud certification exams. Not only committed to doing so, but have succeeded to complete our mission, and the feedback from our customers proves this. Along with the result-oriented content, we help professionals to become confident enough to pass the Google Cloud certification exams in the very first attempt.

List of Google Cloud Training Courses at Whizlabs

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Professional Cloud Architect certification is intended for the professionals who have in-depth knowledge to work with Google Cloud technologies. This certification helps professionals to demonstrate their expertise in designing, development, and management of the highly available, scalable, secure, robust, and dynamic applications on Google Cloud Platform

Exam Objectives