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Docker Swarm basics | Online Course | Whizlabs

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What's Inside

  • 5 hours of Training Videos 
  • 40 lectures
  • Very exhaustive coverage to all the topics
  • Unlimited Access

Topic-wise Content Distribution

Chapter Minutes of training video
Section A-DockerOveriew  
Docker Overview  
Docker Architecture 00:08:33 mins
Docker Installation on Ubuntu and CentOs 00:10:09 mins
Docker Repository  
Docker hub 00:05:45 mins
Docker Registry 00:08:20 mins
Run Application with Docker  
Docker Images 00:05:11 mins
Docker Containers 00:06:22 mins
Push Images to Dockerhub 00:04:31 mins
Docker File 00:09:03 mins
Section B-Orchestration  
Introduction 00:01:10 mins
Docker Swarm Overview 00:04:17 mins
Docker Swarm Architecture 00:05:42 mins
Docker Service 00:03:36 mins
Section C-Docker Swarm Cluster Setup  
Docker Node Setup 00:12:22 mins
Docker Swarm Setup 00:04:36 mins
Section D-Manage Nodes In Swarm  
Add and Remove Worker Nodes 00:04:40 mins
Promote and Demote Worker Nodes 00:04:20 mins
Section E-Services  
Service Create/Inspect/logs/ls 00:10:37 mins
Service ps 00:07:11 mins
Docker Swarm Visualizer 00:05:53 mins
Service scale 00:03:09 mins
Service Port Mapping 00:05:40 mins
Service global mode 00:06:03 mins
Service Constraint 00:04:55 mins
Service Labels 00:11:35 mins
Node Availability 00:05:23 mins
Service Update And Rollback 00:08:59 mins
Section F-Secrets  
Manage sensitive data with Docker  
Docker Secret Introduction 00:03:30 mins
Docker Secret Commands 00:12:03 mins
Section G-Stacks  
Docker Stacks Overiew 00:04:46 mins
Docker Stack Commands 00:15:11 mins
Section H-Events  
Docker Events Overview 00:03:04 mins
Docker Events Commands 00:16:16 mins
Section I-OverlayNetwork  
Docker Swarm Networking Overview 00:08:29 mins
Docker Swarm OverlayIngress Networking 00:27:02 mins
Section J-OverlayNetwork  
Docker Swarm Backup and Restore 00:04:17 mins
Docker Swarm lock 00:03:54 mins
Section K-Assignments/strong>  
Task 1- Bridge Networking 00:13:21 mins
Task 2- Compose File 00:07:46 mins
Task 3- Docker Swarm 00:08:08 mins

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