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Docker Certified Associate Reviews

Video Feedback

I like Whizliabs, I have bought a lot of courses and it helps me to pass AWS certified. Thank you

11 Dec 2020

Congrats on passing the exam, and happy to hear that whizlabs helped you in passing the exam.

Overall Good collection of questions But you must add many K8S questions especially related to PV & PVC. thank you

06 Jul 2020

Thanks to add kubernetes questions

Really sorry guys I just have purchased this course I haven't take the Certification yet.

Sorry if my review mislead you. I'm about to take the exam please someone who took the Certification recently please share your opinion it would b really helpful for me to appear for the exam.

My apologize for my previous comment.

25 May 2020

Seriously??, did tou took exam recently? i took exam 1 week back and exam format is completely different and there were some questions related to kubernetes, that was not even mentioned in this course.

I bet this one is fake, I took the exam a week ago and the questions were completely different, it was a waste of time and money.

Hey guys,

First of all sorry for the typo, I was about to write the way Whizlab created the practice test but unfortunately i mistyped the content. Sorry again.

Can you guys please share your exam experience and weightage of the every section please ?

I am about to appear for the exam next month.

The questions were helpful. Gave a good experience for me to take the DCA. Definitely recommend it for everyone.

02 May 2020

did you take exam today ? i buy this test and the exam was totaly different . and the exam have some question related to Kubernetes

The dumps were indeed very helpful. I completed my DCA exam in just 20 mins. It was a piece of cake. Thanks whizlabs

25 Mar 2020

V clear explanation which help me to pass the exam

14 Mar 2020

Hi Wan,

I'm planning to take exam. When did you attend your exam? Is it before new DCA curriculum (kubernetes related topics) or before that?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Jahid,

I took the exam at around early of Feb.

where should be old curriculum which i don’t really see k8s questions. Thx

Sam Fok

don't take this course, course is not up to date with current format. i had intimated to coustomer care 1 month back and no replay from them.

First I would like to say sorry for the delay in giving a review. I was able to successfully pass the Docker Certified Associate Exam 20 days back. Whizlabs practice exam was of great help to me and they were really good. I would highly recommend taking this test before the exam, but don’t expect same/similar questions in the actual exam.

08 Feb 2020

Best wishes for exam success and thank you for your feedback we appreciate!

I used these exams to see how the questions on the DCA exam were and I think they were pretty accurate. I’m glad I went through them and I would recommend them.

06 Feb 2020

Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

Two days ago, i did the exam and passed it. It was hard however the whizlabs exams helped me to decrease my stress. Most of the questions were standard. Thanks whizlab team.

27 Jan 2020

Best wishes for exam success and thank you for your feedback we appreciate!

I’m doing the tests now and feel there is a good level of simulation of real world Questions.

15 Jan 2020
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