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Docker Certified Associate Reviews

First I would like to say sorry for the delay in giving a review. I was able to successfully pass the Docker Certified Associate Exam 20 days back. Whizlabs practice exam was of great help to me and they were really good. I would highly recommend taking this test before the exam, but don’t expect same/similar questions in the actual exam.

08 Feb 2020

Best wishes for exam success and thank you for your feedback we appreciate!

I used these exams to see how the questions on the DCA exam were and I think they were pretty accurate. I’m glad I went through them and I would recommend them.

06 Feb 2020

Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

Two days ago, i did the exam and passed it. It was hard however the whizlabs exams helped me to decrease my stress. Most of the questions were standard. Thanks whizlab team.

27 Jan 2020

Best wishes for exam success and thank you for your feedback we appreciate!

I’m doing the tests now and feel there is a good level of simulation of real world Questions.

15 Jan 2020

Nice practice tests for DCA exam. Highly recommend

09 Jan 2020

Thank you for your feedback much appreciated!

I used this test to prepare for the exam. It helped me a lot with validation of my skills.

04 Jan 2020

Have passed the exam today. The questions were really helpful and almost identical to what I found in the exam. Here are my recommendation for study materials I used: 1- - This course was really helpful , It covers the basic concepts and it has a very nice list of practice quizs about 200 questions. 2- This course for sure, was really handy and it helps alot. 3- - this was a good reference for the docker docs, you don't have to remember by heart, but just try to scan them and take notes. 4- For additional practice questions: (Free) (Paid) Good luck !

02 Jan 2020

I have passed the exam , I must thanks to the whitzlab team for a structured and valuable practice test, which helps a lot.

12 Dec 2019

Congratulations on passing the exam and thank you for your great feedback!

Thanks Cleared DCA

19 Nov 2019

The tests are helpful for preparing the exam. The questions are similar to what appear on the last

19 Nov 2019
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