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Deploying Amazon Managed Containers Using Amazon EKS | Training Course | Whizlabs

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What's Inside

  • 2 hours 46 minutes of Training Videos (All Topics Covered)
  • 31 lectures
  • Unlimited Access
  • Subject Matter Expert's Support

Topic-wise Content Distribution

Chapter Minutes of training video
Introduction 00:05:22 mins
Establishing Baselines  
What is Docker 00:04:46 mins
Why Orchestration 00:04:07 mins
What is Kubernetes 00:04:48 mins
Kubernetes Overview  
Kubernetes Nodes 00:02:56 mins
Kubernetes Objects 00:05:49 mins
Kubernetes Workflow 00:04:54 mins
Kubernetes Communications 00:03:56 mins
EKS Benefits 00:05:17 mins
EKS Considerations/span> 00:05:05 mins
What are APIs 00:05:22 mins
Get Hands On  
Configure Your Workspace 00:05:00 mins
Configure Your Workspace 00:05:23 mins
What is IAM 00:04:26 mins
Using an IAM Role for Your Workspace 00:09:53 mins
What is Github 00:03:43 mins
Preparing Your Workspace 00:04:54 mins
Launch with EKSCTL 00:06:46 mins
Improve Usability with the Kubernetes Dashboard 00:04:45 mins
What are Microservices 00:04:03 mins
Lab Architecture Overview 00:03:02 mins
Deploying Our Microservices 00:12:53 mins
What is Scaling 00:02:36 mins
Taking it to the Next Level  
Manual Deployment vs Deployment Automation 00:04:00 mins
Installing Helm 00:04:14 mins
Deploy Nginx with Helm 00:07:39 mins
Deploying Our Microservices with Helm 00:09:56 mins
Importance of Autoscaling 00:03:27 mins
Deploying a Metrics Server 00:02:17 mins
Scaling with Horizontal Pod AutoScaling (HPA) and Cluster AutoScaling (CA) 00:10:58 mins
Review and Conclusion 00:03:30 mins

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