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Cloud Security Certifications

Choose a certification and get certified in cloud security to bring your career one level up in this era of cloud.

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Market Demand for Cloud Security

CIO.com has enlisted CCSK in Top 10 Cloud Computing Certifications with the statement –

"This is the mother of all Cloud Computing Security certifications. The Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) certification is vendor-neutral, and certified competency in key cloud security areas."

As per a quote from Certification Magazine (April 2017) on the median and the average salary of the cloud professionals having Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) credential in 2016 –

"Among US CCSK holders, the average annual salary in 2016 was an eye-opening $149,760 with a median annual salary of $138,340."

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Can I know more about Cloud Security Certification and Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)?

Organizations are migrating to Cloud as it provides several benefits in terms of scalability, efficiency, speed, storage space etc. Besides these benefits, Cloud Computing comes with some security threats, and thus the Cloud Security has become an important concern these days.

Cloud Security certifications are the credentials that ensure that the employees have sufficient expertise to handle cloud server configuration and data security over the cloud. To implement a better cloud security strategy, organizations are hiring IT professionals who are certified in Cloud Security.

As Cloud Security is a matter of concern, a number of vendors offer cloud security certifications. Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is the most popular provider of Cloud Security certifications. Here is the list of three Cloud Security certifications offered by CSA that validate and demonstrate the ability of candidates to implement cloud security.

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