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Business Analysis Certifications

Become a certified expert in the business analysis domain and take a step ahead toward the bright career.

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Market Demand for Business Analysis

In order to maintain a competitive edge and reach the optimal performance, there is a need for skills business analysts by the brands. With this demand, the salary the business analysts are offered is also increasing.

According to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for business analysts is estimated to show an increase of 14% by 2024. Also, the business analyst job market is projected to grow by 14.3% between 2016 and 2026.

As per the Glassdoor Salary Survey 2018, the average base salary of one in business analysis is $70,170. Entry level positions in business analysis can be awarded the average salary of $63,000 which has the potential to exceed up to $126,000.

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Our team of certified professionals knows the minors of exam and creates courses to get you fully prepared for the certification exam.

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Why to go with Business Analysis Certifications?

Business Analysis is a domain that involves the business aspect of the organization, analysis of business data, and the transfer of derived information within or outside the organization. Business analysts help organizations to get the most out of the collected data through trends, insights, patterns, and errors that are generally ignored.

Getting a business analysis certification is not as simple as getting any other certification. Thus, if you are a certified business analyst, it shows your commitment and broader perspective. This is a credential that demonstrates your employer that you can speak the language of business analysts and thus bring monetary benefits to the organization. Thus, business analysis certifications bring better opportunities and career growth for you.

Project managers are adopting business analysis skills to enhance their careers. Bring your career one level up with the Business Analysis certifications.

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