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Scrum – Is it mandatory to learn in today’s IT market?

     -     Jun 2nd, 2017   -     Project Management   -     0 Comments

Agile & Scrum has been used in market as synonyms. Majority of the time when agile is referred it is meant scrum. Agile has transitioned from an optional knowledge to mandatory knowledge in today’s IT market and that’s the reason it is very important to know agile and for that matter Scrum. In this article […]

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Top 6 reasons why Agile should be a good career option

     -        -     Project Management   -     0 Comments

Agile demand has increased over the years, this is the reason why aspirants are keen to acquire agile skill set. Due to multiple reasons, which we shall be discussing in this article, agile has become one of the most required career move among professional. The percentage of organization moving towards agile way of working from […]

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What is Acceptance Criteria vs Success Criteria in PMP Certification?

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Let’s first focus on understanding what are acceptance and success criteria from a project perspective and then delve into its differences. Clear communication plays the key role in defining both acceptance and success criteria. As per PMBOK5 “Acceptance criteria are a set of conditions that is required to be met before deliverables are accepted”. Success […]

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Top 11 Agile – Scrum Interview Questions

     -     May 30th, 2017   -     Project Management   -     0 Comments

Agile is used and matured in almost majority of the organizations by now. There are plenty of openings in the area of agile currently in IT market and people are going through the interview process for the same. As the boundaries of agile are unlimited due to vast coverage and multiple flavors, it becomes difficult […]

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How to prepare for HDPCA certification exam?

     -        -     Big Data   -     0 Comments

HDPCA Certified Professional, or the Hortonworks Data Platform Certified Administrator, is a Hadoop System Administrator who is capable and responsible for installing, configuring and supporting an HDP Cluster. This is a hands-on performance based exam which requires some competency and Big Data expertise. Tasks are advocated to the candidate on AWS instances which must be […]

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Is ITTO mandatory for PMP?

     -     May 22nd, 2017   -     Project Management   -     0 Comments

PMP is most popular certification in the area of Project Management. As its elaborated subject based on PMBOK (Project Management Body of knowledge), there are many questions on the way PMBOK is written and what is important for PMP and what is not. PMBOK is comprehensive and also called guide on place of book as […]

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PMP vs CAPM vs PRINCE2 – Which One’s Right for you?

PMP, CAPM & PRINCE2 are three certifications in the field of Project Management. All three has its own uniqueness and focus with which one can take it up. It’s always a difficult choice to choose among a set of certifications and get clear picture or guidance on which one will suit well. One important point […]

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How to use AWS OpsWorks?

     -     May 5th, 2017   -     AWS Certifications   -     0 Comments

Are you preparing for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional certification exam? In this space, we are writing series of articles on topics which are covered in the Solutions Architect Professional certification exam. In this article, we are explaining one of the important service available with Amazon web services which is  AWS Opswork. You would expect lot of questions […]

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Which one is a better course, PMP or PMI-ACP?

     -     May 4th, 2017   -     PMI ACP Certification, PMP Certification   -     0 Comments

PMP (Project Management Professional) & ACP (Agile Certified Practitioners) are two certifications offered by PMI in two different areas i.e. PMP is more towards traditional project management with a bigger horizon whereas ACP with an agile focus. Even though these are two different dimensions aspirants are confused which one to take between two. Precisely when […]

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HOW TO Prepare for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Certification Exam?

     -     May 3rd, 2017   -     AWS Certifications   -     2 Comments

AWS certified solutions architect professional exam is advanced AWS certifications exam that tests your knowledge on how to architect and design a AWS solutions for your projects. This is not the first certification in the AWS career path. If you are in entry level learning, you should consider preparing for AWS solutions architect associate certification. […]

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