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After retiring from being a Solution Architect for 15 years, Sudip is now a full-time Technical Writer. He is a regular contributor with his articles on Cloud, DevOps, Cybersecurity, and SaaS while keeping an eye on Emerging Technologies. When he is not writing/reading, he is found on a Squash Court or playing a game of Chess.
use cases of S3 Intelligent Tiering

Practical Use Cases of S3 Intelligent Tiering

Not aware of what Amazon S3 Intelligent Tiering can do for you? Here we have enlisted the practical use cases of S3 Intelligent Tiering. Let's dive deep and have a look! Amazon S3 is one of the most popular AWS services among AWS users. This service offers multiple storage options (classes) to cater to every type of budget and access...

AWS Cost Optimization Tips

Top 10 Tips for Cost Optimization in AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a large assortment of cloud infrastructure on the go. With AWS, you only get to pay for what you are using, and you can scale quickly in response to business changes. In the AWS platform, you will access a concoction of Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as...

Provision and Deploy SSL/TLS Certificates Using ACM

How to Provision and Deploy SSL/TLS Certificates Using ACM

Looking for a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to provision and deploy SSL/TLS certificates using ACM? You've reached the destination! AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) is a service that enables you to establish your website’s identity and secure network communications. This is because ACM allows you to provision, manage, and deploy Transport Layer Security (TLS)/ Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for public...

Create a lifecycle policy for an S3 Bucket

How to Create a Lifecycle Policy for an S3 Bucket?

Want to learn how to create a Lifecycle Policy for an S3 Bucket and optimize your AWS costs? Here we bring a step by step, detailed guide on how to create a lifecycle policy for an S3 bucket. Let's dive deep and learn!  Amazon S3 Bucket is a powerful storage tool for cloud computing. Different S3 storage classes allow you...

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