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Ritika Gupta is a technical writer, passionate about learning new technologies and working on them. She is an engineer who loves to read and write. She's always curious to track the latest technologies and trends to update the world about them.
Google Cloud Hosting

Top 7 Advantages of Using Google Cloud Hosting

Looking for the best Cloud Hosting for your business? Here we've enlisted top 7 advantages of Google Cloud Hosting so that you can make a right decision! In today’s computing world, Virtualization means creating Virtual Storage Devices, Networks, and Computing Platforms. There are many solutions which completely follows the definition of Virtualization. Some of the solutions are Cloud Storage, Cloud...

Google Cloud Architect Exam Preparation

How to Prepare for Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect Exam?

Are you planning to build a career in modern software systems without learning cloud technology? It’s not at all possible; you can’t escape cloud technology as it’s not only a buzz term but a broad umbrella. AWS, Azure, and Google are three major cloud service providers which offer a number of valuable cloud computing services. Must Read: AWS Vs Azure Vs...

Google Cloud Trends

Google Cloud Trends for 2020 [Updated]

2018-19 was a good year for Google Cloud Platform but 2020 promises to be better. Let's explore what's next the Google Cloud will bring i.e. what are the Google Cloud Trends for 2020! Cloud Computing in its most basic form is just storing your data at a remote location to ensure that if anything wrong happens to you or your...

Google Cloud Platform

Introduction To Google Cloud Platform

Google has been one of the leading software and technology developer in the world. Every year Google comes up with different innovations and advancement in the technological field which is brilliant and helps the people all over the world. In the recent years, Google Cloud Platform is one of such innovations that have seen an increase in its usage because...

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