Blockchain Certifications

In today’s IT world, every other day you may find a new innovation that will bring revolution to your life. The blockchain is such a technology that is expected to be ruling the IT world for a very long time. Getting certified in the latest and evolving technologies has become a trend now. Blockchain technology has empowered millions of users in 140+ countries over the world to make transactions quickly with cheaper intermediaries.

Blockchain certifications validate that you have an in-depth understanding of blockchain technology and can build business applications based on the blockchain. These certifications recognize you as a certified blockchain expert by adding a credential to your resume. Being certified brings more opportunities for you and increases your chances of getting at a better job. If you are thinking to become a blockchain professional, a blockchain certification will help you stand out of the crowd.

Blockchain Certification Courses

Start your preparation now with the industry pioneers and lay the foundation of a bright career in the revolutionary blockchain technology.

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Why Choose Us?

We, the team at Whizlabs, is dedicated to helping the professionals to get certified and bring their career one level up. Our focus and efforts are directed toward improving every bit of content that is created for certification preparation. The aspirants should choose us for the preparation of Blockchain certifications because –

Importance of Blockchain Certifications

Blockchain technology is going to create a number of job opportunities for the young, aspiring, and ambitious enthusiasts. Even the opportunities will be more for those who have validated their skills with a blockchain certification. So, it’s the right time to get unskilled and certified in the blockchain technology and lay the foundation of a bright future. Blockchain certifications have become more important these days because –

Market Demand for Blockchain Certifications

The world of cryptocurrencies has been growing at a faster rate. As per a survey, the market cap for all cryptocurrencies has grown to $565.1 billion from $17.7 billion in 2017, with the expected growth to $1 trillion by the end of 2018.

As per a recent report by Glassdoor, there are a plethora of job openings in the blockchain domain. Currently, there are more than 1,700 open positions available for the blockchain experts.

Within over a period of one year, the blockchain industry is up with the 300% increase in the available job positions. On an average, a candidate in the blockchain or related job can earn $84,884 per annum which is 61.8% higher than the average US salary of $52,461.

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