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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Reviews

Video Feedback

Very good practice exercise.

29 Jul 2019

Pretty good quality questions that guided me along the way. It's not question dump for sure, but it is good enough if you spend time working on those questions. Passed my SA Pro exam with 815/1000 score.

19 Jul 2019

I passed the AWS SA P exam. Thank you so much guys. The practice exam helped me a lot! Cheers Martin

13 Jul 2019

I will advise you get something else for this exams. I sat for the exams today and I can say the questions did not help

Congratulations on AWS Pro certified. Will you mind sharing some questions or topics?

I'm still studying for the exam but I have used WhizLabs for the AWS Security exam that I passed on the first try. I find the explanations to be the most helpful since they assist you with dissecting the questions which the AWS SA Pro exam is all about.

06 Jul 2019

Not yet sure about quality of questions, still need to pass. But explanations are good.

19 Jun 2019

Whizlabs Solution Architect exam more than prepare you for the actual exam. The question explanations are very good. You only need to buy whizlabs exams to clear solution architect exams. Also, try the additional questions that might help you to understand the actual technology which I believe is more important than the certification itself. Valuable stuff !!! Keep up the good work.

15 Jun 2019

The trend was a little different from the actual exam, but it was nice to be able to learn a wide range of AWS knowledge.

11 Jun 2019

Questions are good but there many repeats on the same.

10 Jun 2019

These practice questions are excellent and provide me with the confidence tht I can pass solutions architect on the first attempt

07 Jun 2019

Great questions, even better explanations as to why an answer is correct or incorrect especially on those questions where two answers are correct but one is more cost effective or easier to implement.

04 Jun 2019
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