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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Reviews

Video Feedback

I found the WhizLabs exam preparation for CSAP extremely useful. I struggled on the tests just getting through all the questions, and WhizLabs helped me set the pace (it was frustrating, but necessary). The explanations were a huge help as well. Knowing about AWS is one thing, passing the fast paced exam is another - and WhizLabs helped bridge that gap for me.

21 Nov 2019

This course for me is key to pass the exam. I could not find any other tests and these are very helpful. The questions cover a wide range of topics. However, sometimes questions are not correctly formulated (at least for me) so I do not understand fully what it really means and fail.

21 Nov 2019

Lots of questions, all the answers are justified. It's a great resource for preparing the exam.

19 Nov 2019

Good Questions

19 Nov 2019

Even Explanations are also good.

The questions from whizlabs were harder than the actual exam. Which was great. Really nice explanations. I failed on all the 6 tests from whizlabs with average 55-60% I got pissed and decided to book the actual exam to see if it was that hard. The exam was tough the questions were totally different but the context was similar and managed to pass. Really nice questions from whizlabs and the explanation was great. Definitely will use again for my other certs.

17 Nov 2019

Following my success with the Associate level material, I registered for the Professional Practice Tests. I am very satisfied with the content and the convenience of the detailed report at your finger tip!

31 Oct 2019

Decent questions

18 Oct 2019

Great to get a feel of how the real exam is going to be. Don’t expect the same questions to repeat in your exam, these are not exam dumps.

12 Oct 2019

I haven't sat for my AWS Certified Architect Professional exam yet but the practice exams are a huge help. I used these in addition to A Cloud Guru to get through Developer Associate and SysOps Associate so far! I will update everyone when I test next month.

10 Oct 2019

Did yoou cleared your exam?

Tests prepared me well for my test (Oct 2019). Lots of questions that covered a good spread of topics on the test.

07 Oct 2019
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