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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Reviews

Video Feedback

Great practice exams! Quite different and more difficult than other sites... it's just what you need to pass SAP01!

01 Apr 2020

Thank you for your great feedback!

Best materials

28 Mar 2020

I got certified last with help of whizlab practice exam. These practice exam helped to clear my doubts and enhance subject specific knowledge. Dont expect questions from test papers but there will be some similar questions and it will guide you to learn nuances about the topic.

27 Mar 2020

I believe that the scope of the questions may exceed those of the exam itself, however this is probably a good thing, better than the other way round! Sometimes the level of detail being asked goes deeper than the official training provides and requires additional reading to get the right answer

25 Mar 2020

I confirmed that the courses in this platform are up-to-date after taking some of the exams I registered for and passed. I really recommend this program for students and professionals who want to further their IT carrier and for certification purposes.

14 Mar 2020

Earlier was not sure to purchase the coursefrom Wizlab but post-purchase and gone throught rhe content and way of teaching and explanation was awesome.

13 Mar 2020

Well course, cleary content, there are many labs that are really nice

13 Mar 2020

Excellent, thx you !

11 Mar 2020

The questions filled a critical gap in my materials. I'll be using whizlabs a lot from now on.

11 Mar 2020

The questions are good and close to the real exam questions. The analysis and explanation are very useful and add value.

10 Mar 2020
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