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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Reviews

Video Feedback

Great questions, even better explanations as to why an answer is correct or incorrect especially on those questions where two answers are correct but one is more cost effective or easier to implement.

04 Jun 2019

Whizlabs exams are helpful to preparing for the full depth and breadth of the AWS Solutions Architect Pro exam. It is a challenging exam, but the practice exams are a great way to polish the months of preparation.

03 Jun 2019

Whizlabs AWS professional certificate practice tests helped me make progress towards my preparation for certification. Each tests were different and just reviewing the answers prepares you well.

31 May 2019

So far, this practice test has been great! It has questions that ensure you know the right information needed to take the test and pass. Great materials so far!

26 May 2019

Great questions, if I pass my exam, I can confirm, that the content was up to date or not

26 May 2019

After going through 2 different trainings with an average of 10hrs each , I failed my AWS SysOps until I came across Whizlabs practice tests. The questions are related to the required knowledge to pass the exam and most importantly the explanation behind all the options gives an indepth understanding of the concepts and reinforce the understanding. of the various services Then I passed my AWS SysOps. I am currently preparing for the Solution Architect Professional and I hope to use whizlab practice tests to reinforce my understanding.

25 May 2019

I sat for quite literally the last session of the original AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional exam (pre 2019 version). Whizlabs practice exams was invaluable, I don't think I would have passed without it. There was no second opportunity. Failing the exam would have meant starting from scratch with the updated 2019 curriculum and a new course. Thanks to Whizlabs I passed first time. I have already recommended Whizlabs to a colleague who is studying for AWS Certified Architect Associate. I would recommend Whizlabs unreservedly.

17 May 2019

The questions and format are good and really help to pass the actual exam

13 May 2019

Great set of questions

09 May 2019

For anyone taking AWS certifications Whizlabs practice tests is a must. They have loads of practice questions that will help you to successfully pass the exams.

07 May 2019
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