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AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Reviews

This is must practice question when you are preparing for exam. This questions give good idea how the questions are going to look and make you to think quicker for the solution. This was my first exam I spend till last second to answer and review the question. Time management for this exam is very critical . Taking this practice test will help you to find the solution in 2 min time frame .

02 Dec 2019

Dev/ops exams are crucial for testing where you are at and getting good explanations of why you missed a question, In addition, resources for finding more info, what more could you ask for?

27 Nov 2019

This course got me over the line for my exam! Questions were very real, well structured with good answer explanations.

17 Nov 2019

The exam itself is difficult, so its kinda difficult to create a course that will cover all exam's aspects and the course doesn't do it. Be prepared to read documentation of the important AWS services by yourself. Nevertheless I find the course very helpful before taking an exam.

17 Nov 2019

I bought the AWS Devops Professional course in order to take ONLY the practice tests since I already have a Linuxacademy subscription. Since there were self study videos available as part of the course, I took them. All I can say is Wow!. The content and structure is definitely better than Linux Academy's. I learned various new things through this course that I did not find in LA. Also the quality of questions in the practice tests are close enough to the actual questions I faced. Needless to say,, I wouldn't have passed if I hadn't taken the self study videos and the practice tests from Whizlabs! Big shout out to their content creation team. I wish they had detailed study videos for the Architect Professional as well. I'm definitely getting their practice tests though.

29 Oct 2019

Overall, the questions are great, close to the real ones. Some are a bit too easy for DevOps test. The feedback feature needs improvement: when a reply is posted, the notification email doesn't show which question the reply is for. Also, replies to feedback are hit and miss. The course videos are poor. The sound quality is inconsistent, the instructor sounds like he's super bored. The videos basically read the white papers which isn't very helpful.

28 Oct 2019

Very similar to the real exam.

26 Oct 2019

Lots of nice questions for the real exam.

25 Oct 2019

Good enough to practice.

20 Oct 2019

Agree with other comments. Tests are helpful. The explanations for solutions are excellent. When I need more background than the description provides, there are always helpful links for follow-up reading.

11 Oct 2019
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