AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Reviews

The practice exams are a good way to prepare for the exam. It does lack some subjects though and the real exam questions are very different. The course definitely helped me passing my exam.

08 Aug 2019

Really helpful for me to pass the exam. The recently update is similar the new exam (Feb-2019)

19 Jul 2019

The practice questions are really good. It seems more suitable for the 2018 exam version. The questions are very different than the real 2019 exam. Anyway, it helped me a lot to learn the things I didn't know.. I passed the Devops Pro exam with help of this questions and other material.

05 Jul 2019

Questions are good for 2018 version. There has been updates recently to match 2019 version but needs more. I passed the test with help from Whizlabs, Linux Academy, A cloud guru, and Zeal Vora and four years of experience on AWS. I do have all associates one. This was my first professional cert.

30 Jun 2019

I passed 2 difficult AWS exams ( sysops and devops professional ) with going through whizlabs practice exams. They are reliable and covers mostly all topics that needed to crack the exams. Good work whizlabs.

29 Jun 2019

Great practice tests, I would recommend for those trying to identify gaps in knowledge. The practice tests were very similar to the real test, and I loved that there were multiple practice tests I could take to prevent myself from just remembering the questions. Most of the answers have explanations on why certain answers are wrong/right. This was super useful for understanding my own misunderstandings. Without this practice test, I would have surely failed my exam. (DevOps Engineer Professional 2019)

22 Jun 2019


20 Jun 2019

The practice exams were high quality, really enjoyed the explanations.

06 Jun 2019

The practice questions are great, even though most of the questions are often repeated it is good to memorize. The questions are good only for AWS Professional 2018 DevOps. One cannot pass or even get anywhere close to passing with these questions for new DevOps 2019 exam. Each question consists of minimum 400 characters and the answers are even more painful to go through where each one consists of 200 characters. The practice test should be completely taken out, have your expert sit through the new 2019 exam to understand the complexity of each question. Once your experts comes out with flying colors, he will be able to come up with similar complex questions which will help millions of developers in taking this practice test. cheers

30 May 2019

Thank you Govindraj for your valuable feedback. We're already working on a major overhaul of our Dev

Very helpful in preparation to the exams, excellent value for money.

17 May 2019
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