AWS Certified Security - Specialty Reviews

This helped me prepare and pass the exam

12 Aug 2019

On Aug 10 I got certified in AWS Security - specialty Exam. Whizlab practice tests and explanation are good. But candidates should also learn the whitepapers, faqs, user guide on the specific topics that are being covered which will give more confidence in the exam and help to answer scenario based questions.

12 Aug 2019

Excellent coverage of topics. But there should have been more indirect questions with not so obvious answers.

31 Jul 2019

Even though I didn't get very similar questions on my cert exam, going thru these definitely helped me to prepare well and pass the exam.

23 Jul 2019

Very interesting and helpful to study and learn but questions aren't in real exam

18 Jul 2019

These are good specially keeping in mid that this test doesn't have much resources available. I like the explaination more than the questions actually because it helps you gather some key points in your head which otherwise go unnoticed until you have to use that to solve a problem.

10 Jul 2019

The questions are very good . They could be more difficult and more nuanced to come closer to the AWS Security exam.

06 Jul 2019

Overall, I really like the practice questions. There are not many resources for this exam yet and this is probably the most comprehensive question bank to date. I do find that some of the questions seem to get repeated, so not sure that the total number of questions are "unique" questions.

03 Jul 2019

good learning experience

22 Jun 2019


16 Jun 2019
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