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AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty Reviews

Video Feedback

Content is very great. Especially practice tests are excellent even though they are more difficult than a real exam.

05 Aug 2020

This was a great way to punctuate my preparation for the exam. I was quite familiar with machine learning from a practical approach, but these tests brought to light all the of the AWS-specific components where I was still weak in my preparation.

31 Jul 2020

Excellent set of questions with good explanations in the answer

20 Jul 2020

I passed the ML specialty exam with much higher score than needed to pass. The practice exams helped because there were questions even on IoT. The course content and practice tests which are really hard are great to learn the content and fill any gaps you have. There were like 10% questions on Deep Learning so be prepared. I had looked at youtube videos from MIT and was prepared. Also know in depth what important hyperparameters do and how changing it affects model performance. Lots of questions on kinesis data analytics + random cut forest. The course and exams will really help. I had taken Solutions architect practice test too and Whizlabs is great and will use for future exams as well.

04 Jul 2020

The pricing is affordable, and the lecture is easy to follow. There are not many practice resoureces for AWS ML, so this is good to have

04 Jul 2020

Great value to get my certification

17 Jun 2020

I have completed 4 AWS certifications so far , AWS ML practice test questions from whiz labs are really challenging similar to real exam . I feel the explanations for each questions made me more comfortable with concepts before going to exam. I appreciate the time spent on getting these high quality courses available .

18 May 2020

Thank you for having taken your time to provide us with your valuable feedback!

As always great value and quality

05 May 2020

Thank you for your great feedback!

I felt questions from Whizlabs were challenging as compared to the real exam, but once you are done with these practice tests you will be ready to face the real exam.

25 Apr 2020

I like the explanations provided for each questions.

22 Apr 2020

Thank you for your great feedback!

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