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AWS Certified Database - Specialty Reviews

I used this as part of my studying for the exam. Questions were very helpful!!! It can never hurt to update/add questions for more practice.

08 Aug 2020

Requires more questions. Hopefully they add more of that as AWS changes their testing questions.

02 Aug 2020

I passed the exam and the practice questions here helped me identified areas I needed to focus more on.

27 Jul 2020

This is a good tool to identify the areas that will need more study. The questions are clear and will help you to familiarize with the kind of questions that you will face in the exam.

20 Jul 2020

The practice questions allowed me to identify where I needed to focus my additional studying.

13 Jul 2020

Glad to know that you liked our courses.

These Practice exams covers most of the topics for database speciality exam.

07 Jul 2020

Since I discovered whizlabs, It became my first place of study, there's many options to learn and courses to take and the price is not high. I do recomend and will keep studing for more certifications.

30 Jun 2020

Did you pass the Database specialty exam?

Hi Wendy,

Not yet cuz I was preparing myself for Architect Professional exam. But I already tried some questions from this database exam and I do recomend. And case you want to know, I\m already certified on Architect Professional.

My rating is 2 stars for this one, but nothing less than 4 stars gets recorded. I rate it low so they would put effort into making it better.

27 May 2020

This comes out the earliest after the official test launch. Hope more questions will be added soon.

05 May 2020

There are good questions and the answers are clear but I took the test oficial exam of the certification and there questions related with other topics and I could not pass the examn

27 Apr 2020

Hi Juan It would be very helpful if you sent the topics or questions that were not covered here so that Whizlabs can update/upgrade the practice test(hopefully). Thanks

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