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AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty Reviews | Whizlabs

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AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty Reviews

The questions cover a lot of area and is the biggest collection for the analytics specialty available now. Questions are a bit too long and its easy to miss details it being very long. The explanations are pretty good. Reccomended for anyone taking the analytics speciality

23 Nov 2020

Thats really a great work kiran, and good to hear that whizlabs contributed to your effort fot the certification

Thanks Whizlabs for the detailed explanation of the each questions which helped me pass the exam in my first attempts. I find the real exam questions little easier than these practice questions which is actually good as gives you more confidence while taking the real exam. I actually learnt a lot from the detailed explanation provided and would recommend everyone to go through each question provided in these exams , multiple times to pass the exam.

16 Nov 2020

The practice tests contain challenging questions and each question is accompanied by detailed explanation and links. I really found these tests very useful and played major role in helping me get aws data analytics certified. Attempt each test multiple times till you are able to score above than 80 percent.

09 Nov 2020

I purchaed the practise tests, which are generally quite good, and the questions are overall representative of what I saw during 2 exams (passed on 2nd attempt). There are however some areas I was asked which was not covered. Also the test questions have a few flaws (spelling & copy/paste errors). I have reported these directly in the tests.

06 Nov 2020

I'm thankful to came across those tests! They made me study AWS documentation portal and go in a lot of details on different topics. I've learned a bunch of new things and got a good feeling how to eliminate wrong answers.

04 Nov 2020

The Whizlabs practice exams were a big part of my successful preparation for certification. The practice questions dove deep into config and troubleshooting detail at a level I had not expected. It scared me just enough to go back and read the user documentation and review all the setup screens. Definitely, I do not think I would have passed on the first try without Whizlabs. Thank you!

03 Nov 2020

Thank you for the feedback and congrats for passing the exam

I passed my exam today ! Then used the Whizlab practice exams which were immensely useful. Actaully the questions on whizlab are harder then the real exam or on the similar level on some of them. It helped me a lot to understand things I should focus on and where my gaps are. The answer explainations and the relevent links at the end is a true treasure - VERY VERY useful. You can expect to read over 100+ articles and whiteapapers. Plus deploy some sample apps on AWS (just for practice) - I highly recommend you do that for Glue, EMR, S3 and Redshift at least. This will make prepare you not only for the exam but for real life later on. The exam asks lot more details, in particular - Glue, EMR, Kinesis, S3, Redshift and security in general. Having worked in Data for over 15 years and already passed my AWS Solutions Architect Associate, it took me good 3 months before I attempted the exam. Hope you find this review useful for yourself and your prep.

13 Oct 2020

Thank You Whizlabs. I have cleared my AWS Data Analytics - Speciality Exam in first attempt mainly because of the practice tests available in Whizlab. Many questions came in my exam from this practice exam. Main good part of your practice test is, it gives you the exposure to the extended areas to look into to understand more better. Keep up the good work !!! Thanks Again.

01 Oct 2020

Congrats rajpal, may you achieve more certifications through whizlabs

Overall, definitely a good set of practice exams. Additionally, what I found good is the reference links that you have shared along with each question. Definitely a tough exam to be able to build strong basics.

07 Sep 2020

Your test is incredibly hard and challenging with a lot of information that I think will be necessary to know for the test. However, I was not impressed with some of your questions you formulated with both kinesis streams and kinesis firehouse, since kinesis streams is used for real time days, and kinesis firehouse is used for near real time. Stone of the questions seemed to be mixed up.

06 Sep 2020

Sorry for the issue will make the changes and thank you for the feeedback

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