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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Reviews

Video Feedback

I did all the practice exams for 2 days and used the whiz card for the last day’s review before the exam. At the same time I have gone through most of labs to families myself with AWS environment. It tools me about overall 2 weeks before taking the exam. I am just a beginner to AWS but with other technology background when taking the exam and I passed the exam. I can say at least 50% of the actual exam questions show up in these practice exams so please run through all the practice exams. Then study. You will pass the exam

16 Jun 2021

The Whizlabs AWS CCP question bank touched a lot of areas which would have been left unnoticed otherwise. The questions helped to learn and understand in detail about the subject and thereby successfully clear the certification exam. Thanks for the support!

12 Jun 2021

Congratulations on passing the exam! Thank you so much for your thoughtful and detailed feedback.

Very Helpful while preparing for the exam, som question where out of scope

10 Jun 2021

The Practice test of AWS Cloud Practitioner, id very helpful while preparing for the exam. The Explanations under the each questions is very informative. Thank you Whizlabs..

04 Jun 2021

Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback and experience with us.

The practice exams were extremely accurate, and adequately portrayed the actual exam. There were only a few questions which were out of scope for the exam. This is an excellent resource to practice for the exam, and to ascertain that you are ready to pass it! When I felt ready for the exam, I was passing all the practice exams with scores better than 90%, and I passed the actual exam with a score of 917/1000.

31 May 2021

Best wishes on your great victory!

These practice tests were integral to my preparation for the exam!

30 May 2021

We really appreciate you for taking the time to share your experience with us!

Excellent sample questions and the main aspect is, the validation of each answer by giving supporting document. This really reinforced my understanding paving the way for my clearing the exam, comfortably. Thank you very much.

26 May 2021

We are happy to hear you had a positive experience with Whizlabs!

These practice exam questions were very close to the real deal! They were instrumental in my prep for the CPC exam and I passed on my first attempt!

25 May 2021

Best wishes on your great victory! I hope you keep in touch with Whizlabs certifications.

I learned many thing and passed the certification on my first try.

24 May 2021

Best wishes on your great victory! I hope you keep in touch with whizlabs certification and refer to your friends too...

These practice exams are excellent preparation for the real thing! In fact, as some others have pointed out, the WhizLabs versions are often more difficult. The subject areas are well represented here,

24 May 2021

Thank you for the great review! We are happy to hear we hit the mark for you!

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