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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Reviews

Great buy. It must be good as I passed my exam first try. All areas are covered including some not included in the exam. Better to have too much knowledge than too little. I will be buying the Certified Developer course and test exams when I start that.

14 Oct 2019

A Good buy

13 Oct 2019

Great study materials and practice test! The practice exam really give you the feel of the exam. Passed the first time.

13 Oct 2019

A good final preparation.

12 Oct 2019

It was helpful for reviewing your knowledge and preparing for the actual test.

11 Oct 2019

I passed the exam thanks to whiz labs. The practice tests really helped me to study. I like the format with the detailed answers.

11 Oct 2019


10 Oct 2019

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10 Oct 2019

Whizlabs practice tests helped me in preparing for the Aws CCP exam in a much better way. The question bank touches all aspects of CCP topics. The sample tests are a good way to gauge the level of preparedness for the exam

09 Oct 2019

Really good exercices and training, Only bad point was that some english mistakes/non native speaker sentences are a little confusing and need to be read several time to understand what the question is about. Overall if you almost flawless the training, you should be able to pass the certification without any trouble

09 Oct 2019
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