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AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder - Specialty Reviews

Video Feedback

The tests were designed well, and covered most of the cases asked in the exam.

05 Aug 2020

The tests are good but not enough to pass the test.

24 Mar 2020

I have gained confidence by giving practice exam, It cover all the areas and pain points. I would definitely recommend.

24 Mar 2020

I was certified in Alexa certification. I have used a lot the training and mock exams and it is a good content to study for exam.

16 Mar 2020

Thank you for providing us with your feedback!

I took AWS exam and it wasn't close to the exam, instead of focsuing on detail questions, I recommend working on the concept and big picure of Alexa,

05 Mar 2020

Good for both learning and cert prep!

11 Sep 2019

Great questions that helped me identify my blind spots and really helped me to fill in my gaps.

13 Aug 2019

Great practice exams. Have not taken the test quite yet but definitely feeling more prepared!

27 Jul 2019
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