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AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty Reviews | Whizlabs

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AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty Reviews

The tests that Whizlabs provides have helped me achieve 10 AWS certifications and 2 GCP certifications. It's great to be able to have one resource that provides example tests for multiple clouds. These tests help me get over my test anxiety and they provide great explanations of cutting edge tech and strategies. This site has been key to my success as a DevOps Engineer.

28 Apr 2021

Its wonderful and amazing to hear your feedback. Congratulations and we are very pleased with your success. That's awesome to know the certifications you have completed. We hope you will continue to be our valued customer.

Great practice tests to help gauge your knowledge of the covered areas. Using mainly acloudguru and these tests I was able to pass the exam on my first try.

23 Mar 2021

Best wishes as you passed your exam!

I passed my exam with relative ease after using the practice questions on whizlabs. My take is that preparations must be thorough using a number of sources like AWS Doc, the official study guide, free digital video training from AWS certification website. Though no pre-requisite is recommended, I will suggest that candidates should attempt the AWS Solutions Architect associate exam first, and also some good understanding of Networking concepts. I have both, and this is helpful. With this confidence, I plan to take Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification. Validation Number J7CDQ7CDLMV4QGG9 Validate at:

28 Dec 2020

Congratulations on passing the exam! Thank you so much for your thoughtful and detailed feedback.

The tests were designed well, and covered most of the cases asked in the exam.

25 Nov 2020

I have passed the exam in first attempt but not with a great score. I was scoring around 90% in the Whizlabs practice exams and usually left with atleast 30 mins to spare but the real exam is a monster with no time left to review back flagged ones. Do not rely just on these practice exams, have multiple sources. Although the similarity of the questions are quite close, the complexity of them is definitely not. Hands on experience is a must. Overall, this course helps you understand the test and boost your confidence but definitely not upto the par with real exam. Thanks and goodluck to everyone preparing! A suggestion to Whizlabs - please focus on the wording of your questions and corresponding answers. The idea is to confuse the candidates to select wrong answers but not mislead them. Many of your questions in this course are doing the latter.

04 Oct 2020

Explanation is good.

16 Sep 2020

Thank you for the feedback much appreciated!

The practice questions are really touch and is a good source for practicing multiple times before going for exams

04 Sep 2020

The practice exams are good to try to test your understanding of the concepts. The questions in the actual exams are much tougher so plan accordingly.

30 Aug 2020

Thats awseome Subash, I hope you keep in touch with whizlabs certification and refer to your friends too

Thank you, practice exams was quite resemble with actual in the exam, even some questions are harder, so i felt easier when i was taking exam and succesfully passs I would like to go with AWS CSAP after this

24 Jul 2020

The questions are clear and have a similar look&feel of the exam (but not the same, these are not brain dumps). Difficutly is similar, if you perform well on Whizlabs you'll be more confident doing the exam.

03 Jul 2020
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