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Amazon Comprehend deep dive with Case Study on Sentiment Analysis FAQs

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What is inside this course?

The Whizlabs Amazon Comprehend Deep Dive training course is a skill-based training course that focuses on Amazon Comprehend, the Natural Language Processing service of AWS. It focuses on practical case studies of sentiment analysis by using Amazon Comprehend. The course includes almost 3 hours 37 minutes of training videos that focus on all the important concepts of Amazon Comprehend and its applications in NLP and sentiment analysis applications. 

Learners can find a total of 33 lectures in the training course created by qualified and experienced instructors. The course also provides the assurance of expert support and unlimited access. You can learn from anywhere, anytime on your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, tablets, Mac devices, or PCs. 

Is there any prior requirement to learn Amazon Comprehend?

Learners don’t need any previous experience in machine learning or natural language processing for gaining expertise in Amazon Comprehend. However, It is recommended to have the basic knowledge of the services on AWS Cloud to learn Amazon Comprehend. 

Who should learn Amazon Comprehend?

Candidates aspiring to use Amazon Comprehend for building natural language processing solutions into their applications should learn Amazon Comprehend. If you want to improve your expertise in data science for using Amazon Comprehend for processing text data to derive insights, then you are the ideal candidate for this training course. 

Why should I learn Amazon Comprehend Deep Dive?

Amazon Comprehend is a promising tool for marketers and content creators to understand the preferences of customers and then personalize recommendations accordingly. Various organizations across diverse industries ranging from retail to finance and law, Amazon Comprehend can be a reliable tool for faster analysis of large volumes of text for deriving insights. 

How will Amazon Comprehend Deep Dive training help me?

The Whizlabs Amazon Comprehend Deep Dive training course will help you gain insights into the basics of Amazon Comprehend and Natural Language Processing. In addition, you would also be able to specialize in the fundamental building blocks of analysis along with advanced text analysis. Another critical learning outcome from the training course is the case study for sentiment analysis for developing hands-on skills and experience. 

Which AWS certification should I choose?

Currently, AWS offers 12 certifications, which includes 1 foundation-level certification, 3 associate-level certifications, 2 professional-level certifications, and 6 specialty-level certifications. As there is no prerequisite for any AWS certification, as per your skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise you can choose and take one or more certifications.

Here is the complete list of AWS Certification Training Courses. 

Do you update the question bank with the latest updates?

Yes. AWS revises the exam syllabus based on the current trends, to meet the industry standards. We have SMEs who monitor the changes into the exam syllabus and update the questions to ensure that we provide up to date preparation material to our students.

Does Whizlabs Offer any Subscription Plan?

Yes, we offer the Annual Subscription in which you get all the Whizlabs training courses worth $2500+ at $99 only. With Whizlabs subscription, you will get unlimited access to all the courses and hands-on labs with Premium Support for one year.

Do you provide a course completion certificate?

Yes, we provide a course completion certificate for online training courses. Once you watch the video course by 100% / complete an online course, you get a course completion certificate that is signed by our CEO.

How long is the license valid after the purchase?

Our simulators and video courses have a lifetime license/validity. Once you have purchased, you can access it for a lifetime.

What are the important features of Amazon Comprehend?

The important features of Amazon Comprehend are as follows,

  • Keyphrase extraction
  • Syntax analysis 
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Language detection
  • Entity recognition
  • Multiple language support
  • Topic modeling 
  • Custom classification

What is the significance of Amazon Comprehend?

Amazon Comprehend operates through scanning documents to ensure the identification of patterns in text. One of the common examples of use cases of Amazon Comprehend refers to the analysis of text from transcripts of customer service calls for identifying key phrases to determine the experience of the customer. 

What are the benefits of Amazon Comprehend?

The noticeable benefits of Amazon Comprehend include the following,

  • Integration of powerful natural language processing capabilities into applications
  • Scalability of natural language processing performance
  • Ease of integration with other AWS services
  • Cost-effective without the need for any upfront commitments or minimum fees
  • Natural language processing operations with deep learning 
  • Appropriate encryption of volume data and output results

How does Amazon Comprehend Work?

Amazon Comprehend utilizes a pre-trained model for ensuring examination and analysis of a document or collection of documents to collect reliable insights from it. The pre-trained model goes through continuous training over a large body of text, thereby taking away the need for providing any training data. Amazon Comprehend could conduct examination and analysis of documents in a wide variety of languages on the basis of a specific feature. 

Amazon Comprehend also examines documents alongside determining the dominant language from a larger assortment of different languages. Amazon Comprehend can help in detecting textual references to names of places, people, or items alongside references to quantities and dates. Amazon Comprehend also helps prominently in searching the content of documents for determining the common topics and themes.

What are the ways for processing all operations of Amazon Comprehend?

There are three ways for processing all the operations of Amazon Comprehend such as follows,

  • Multiple document synchronous processing that enables calling Amazon Comprehend with a set of around 25 documents for receiving a synchronous response
  • Asynchronous batch processing involves putting a collection of documents in an Amazon S3 bucket for starting an asynchronous operation to ensure document analysis.
  • Single document processing involves calling Amazon Comprehend through a single document and receiving a synchronous response.

Is there any certification to validate my knowledge and expertise in Amazon Comprehend?

No, there is no official certification for validating your knowledge and expertise in Amazon Comprehend specifically. However, the knowledge of Amazon Comprehend will help you achieve AWS Alexa Skill Builder and AWS Machine Learning certifications. 

How would learning Amazon Comprehend help me in my career growth?

Machine learning and natural language processing are slowly gaining prominence as top skills in the IT job market. It is one of the promising options to capitalize on long-term career opportunities with NLP and ML for driving business decisions. 

How much can I earn with Amazon Comprehend skills?

According to LinkedIn, the average annual salary for an AWS Machine Learning Engineer is almost $132,000.  

How can I reschedule an AWS Certification exam?

You can cancel or reschedule your exam up to 24 hours before your scheduled appointment without additional fees.

To reschedule or cancel your exam, go to your AWS Certification Account and click either the "Manage PSI Exams" or "Manage Pearson VUE exams" button.

What is the Exam Retake Policy for the AWS Certification exam?

The candidate needs to wait 14 days before they are eligible to retake the exam. The candidate can take any number of exam attempts until he passes. For each exam attempt, the candidate needs to pay the full registration fee. But the beta exam takers can take the exam once only. 

Apart from mock exams/video courses, is there any further assistance I can get from Whizlabs?

Yes, you will get full support for any query related to the certification while preparing through our mock exams/video courses. Your query will be handled by the certified SME (Subject Matter Expert) & response will be provided in due course.

Do you offer a Money-Back Guarantee for Whizlabs training courses?

Yes, we offer a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee for our training courses. If you don’t clear the exam for any reason, you can apply for a full refund. 

Please note that we only refund the amount paid for the Whizlabs training course, not the certification exam cost. For more details, we recommend you to check our Refund Policy

Do you provide any discount on the bulk purchase?

Yes, you can avail up to 50% discount on the purchase of more than 10 products at a time. For more details, please feel free to write here. A member of our support staff will respond back as soon as possible.

What are the payment gateways you provide?

We accept payments through different gateways like CCAvenue, Stripe, etc.

After purchasing the Training Course from Whizlabs, how can I clarify my technical questions?

We have a dedicated team of subject-matter experts (SME) who will answer all of your queries that are submitted through our Learning Management System (LMS) interface. You will receive responses within 24 hours of the submission of the question.

What if I have more queries?

If you have any queries related to the Certification exam, Whizlabs training courses, payments, etc. please feel free to contact us. A member of our support staff will respond to you as soon as possible.

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