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The Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) is now known as Oracle Certified Java Programmer Certification after the acquisition of Sun by Oracle. There has been a new addition to the family after SCJP 6 the recently launched version is SCJP 7/ OCJP 7.

There was no pre requisite for SCJP 6 however to do SCJP 7/ OCJP 7 one needs to be either SCJP 6 qualified or a certified Java Associate (SCJA 7/ OCAJ 7).

Whizlabs have been continuously helping all aspirants with its Java tutorials for all the versions of the Java programmer and other Java Certifications. Please see the following Java tutorials prepared by Whizlabs for all versions of Oracle Sun Java Programmer.

Certification Name
Whizlabs Tutorials
Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer (OCPJP) SCJP 6/ OCPJP 6 Exam Simulator
SCJP 6/ OCPJP 6 Self Study Training
SCJP 6/ OCPJP 6 Instructor Led Training
SCJP 7/ OCPJP 7 Exam Simulator
SCJP 7/ OCPJP 7 Upgrade Exam Simulator
SCJP 5/ OCPJP 5 Exam Simulator
SCJP 5/ OCPJP 5 Self Study Training

SCJP 6 Exam Topics

  • API Contents
  • Collections/Generics
  • Concurrency
  • Declarations, Initialization and Scoping
  • Flow Control
  • Fundamentals
  • OO Concepts

Preparing for the SCJP 6 Exam

Preparing for any kind of IT certification includes both studying and practicing. You might want to start with the former and migrate to the latter. There are some excellent books available for SCJP 1.6 Certification, which you can use to start your preparation. If you can get some excellent videos that can cover the entire syllabus it can make the preparation journey all the more easier and fun. Check Whizlabs SCJP 6 Self Study Training

In addition to books, you should check out the numerous resources on the Web. Start with the essential Java technology specifications from Oracle, and then scout around to find Java Tutorials that address important topics such as the Assertions API or the Collections API. One nice thing about Web resources is that they're generally more up-to-date than books, so you can use online reading to supplement your less current reading.

See Resources section below for a complete listing of recommended SCJP books, articles, tutorials, and specifications

After you've prepared with the appropriate books, browsed through the specifications, read the tutorials, articles, and notes, all that's left to do is practice. Start by getting yourself a good IDE and writing code. Choose programming exercises that help you focus on the exam objectives, and don't avoid the stuff you're afraid of. Better to make mistakes on your own time than in the exam itself.

In addition to toiling away under your own direction, there are 2 ways to simulate the test experience before you get to the real thing. Mock exams offer a good sampling of the kinds of questions you'll encounter and give you the opportunity to resolve them on your own time. Certification test simulators take the mock-exam experience to the next level, by actually simulating the test environment.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

Another option is to hire a personal coach (Check: Whizlabs SCJP 6 Instructor Led Training). Organizations that specialize in Java training provide a structured, disciplined learning environment, and most have a well-established record of success. While personal training costs more than many of the other training resources mentioned here, it can also be a more efficient path to certification, allowing you to quickly gain the skills necessary to pass the SCJP exam

Discussion forums

If you're looking for the study-group feeling, try participating in an online discussion forum. Several broad-based Java forums maintain threads about certification issues, and some are devoted solely to certification. In a forum, you can quiz your peers about their study techniques, learn about some of the lesser-known certification resources, get support when you're stressed about the upcoming exam, and find out how others have fared in the effort to get certified.

Tips for Passing the SCJP Exam

  • No short list of observations about the SCJP exam is sufficient as a complete study guide. To be fully prepared, you'll need to spend some time with at least 1 book on SCJP certification, as well as some of the other resources mentioned in the previous sections. The tips that follow are, however, essential to your success in passing the SCJP exam.
  • Many of the questions in the SCJP 1.6 exam will require code-based answers, so practice coding as much as possible in preparation for the exam.
  • Some aspects of the Java programming language do not come up as often in the real life as they do in the exam, which can trip you up if you're not prepared. Be sure you understand how operators work in Java code -- particularly the shift operator.
  • Multithreading is a difficult topic, and it will come up in the SCJP 1.6 exam. You should know the different ways to construct a thread in a Java program, have a good understanding of synchronization, and be familiar with the functionality of the different methods used in creating a multithreaded application. In all instances, you should be prepared to deliver code-based answers.
  • Be sure you've memorized the inheritance hierarchy of the Exceptions and Collections classes. It will come in handy.
  • The objective on Garbage collection will have questions asking how many objects are eligible for garbage collection at a particular point in the program. The answers to such questions cannot be verified with the help of examples because you cannot force the garbage collector to run. So attempt as many questions as possible on this topic from various mock exams; compare your answers to test your knowledge.

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