SCJA now known as OCAJP (Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 5/SE 6) - 1Z0-850

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Benefits of SCJA | OCAJP Certification

SCJA Certification Exam (Java Standard Edition 5 and 6, Certified Associate Exam) indicates that you have knowledge required to perform at a specified level as an IT professional. SCJA Certification proves to your employer and clients that your expertise is confirmed by a recognized industry organization.

  • SCJA Certification demonstrates to your employer/boss, peers, customers, competitors, suppliers, staff and investors that you use industry-respected best practices and are skilled and have expert knowledge in the specific domain
  • The process of achieving and maintaining the SCJA Certification (Oracle Java Associate Certification) helps ensure that you are continually improving and refining your knowledge and skills
  • Enhanced job opportunities enhanced salary and career advancement opportunities

Enroll for SCJA | OCAJP Certification

SCJA certification is taken by software developers and professionals either seeking to enter the java domain or already working in that stream. It is also taken by students to enter a defined programming field.

SCJA certification exam (Oracle Java Associate Certification) provides ideal entry into an application development or a software project management career using Java technologies. This worldwide recognized certification credential validates basic knowledge of Object-Oriented Concepts, UML representation of Object-Oriented concepts, Java programming language, and general knowledge of Java Platforms and Technologies. According to Sun Microsystems, candidates for this exam include entry level Java programmers, students studying to become Java programmers, and project or program managers working with Java technology in the software development industry.

SCJA | OCAJP Certification Details

Following are the details of Sun Certified Java Associate Certification Exam:

  • Exam Taken at: Authorized Pearsonvue Centers
  • Prerequisites : None
  • Other exams/assignments required for this Certification : None
  • Exam type : Multiple choice
  • Number of questions: 51
  • Pass score : 68% (35 of 51 questions)
  • Time limit : 115 minutes

SCJA | OCAJP Certification Exam Pattern & Objectives

  • Fundamental Object-Oriented Concepts
  • Java Implementation of Object-Oriented Concepts
  • Algorithm Design and Implementation
  • Java Development Fundamentals
  • Java Platforms and Integration Technologies
  • Client Technologies
  • Server Technologies

Methodology of SCJA | OCAJP Certification Exam preparation

  • Familiarize yourself with SCJA certification exam (Oracle Java Associate Exam) process
  • No certification study guides are yet available for this exam. Any good book which covers Java Language basics like Head First Java is sufficient for handling code-based questions. Take code examples from the books, go through them and experiment with various possibilities.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice!
  • Familiarize yourself with SCJA certification exam (Oracle Java Associate Exam) process
  • Finally take Whizlabs SCJA Mock Exams (in the exam simulated environment) to get practice and get exposed to a variety of SCJA certification exam questions. Whizlabs SCJA exam simulator that has full length mock exam with detailed explanation. Also, Whizlabs provides Tips and Tricks to crack the exam

Customer Reviews
whizlabs Prakash Maniganda
I have cleared SCJA scoring 92%. prepared for one month spending 1 hour each day. understood the SCJA objectives very well. referred java ranch, sun site, and googled various sites. Most importantly taken trial exams of Whizlabs
whizlabs Nikolaos "Nick" S. Bellias
I have passed successfully SCJA (98%, one question lost only out of 51!) thanks to your software which actually helped my efforts in an unprecedented way