SCBCD 5 now known as OCPJBCD 5 (Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 5 Business Component Developer) - 1Z0-860

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Benefits of SCBCD 5 | OCPJBCD 5 Certification

Sun Certified Business Component Developer (SCBCD) for the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 Certification Exam (CX-310-091) is for Sun Certified Java Programmer for the Java 2 Platform (SCJP)any edition who are advanced programmers and developers with extensive job-role experience in designing, developing, testing, deploying, and integrating Enterprise JavaBeans EJB Edition 3.0. This certification helps you with following:

  • Demonstrate to your employer, peers & customers that you are an expert in designing, developing, testing, deploying, and integrating Enterprise JavaBeans EJB Edition 3.0
  • Enhance your salary, job opportunities and credibility through this respected credential.
  • To get officially accredited as a Java professional

Enroll for SCBCD 5 Certification if:

You are a Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) technology business component developers who are responsible for designing, developing, testing, deploying and integrating EJB applications.

SCBCD (Oracle Sun Certified Business Component Developer) certification exam provides ideal entry into an application development or a software project management career using Java technologies. This worldwide recognized certification credential validates basic knowledge of Object-Oriented Concepts, UML representation of Object-Oriented concepts, Java programming language, and general knowledge of Java Platforms and Technologies. According to Sun Microsystems, candidates for this exam include entry level Java programmers, students studying to become Java programmers, and project or program managers working with Java technology in the software development industry.

SCBCD 5 | OCPJBCD 5 Certification Details

  • Delivered at: Authorized Worldwide Pearsonvue Center
  • Prerequisites: Oracle Certified Professional, Java (SE 5, SE 6,or SE 7) Programmer or Sun Certified Java Programmer (any edition)
  • Other exams/assignments required for this certification: None
  • Exam format: Multiple choice
  • Number of questions: 61
  • Pass score: 57% (35 out of 61)
  • Time limit: 150 minutes

SCBCD 5 Certification Exam Pattern & Objectives

  • EJB 3.0 Overview
  • General EJB 3.0 Enterprise Bean Knowledge
  • EJB 3.0 Session Bean Component Contract & Lifecycle
  • EJB 3.0 Message-Driven Bean Component Contract
  • Java Persistence API Entities
  • Java Persistence Entity Operations
  • Persistence Units and Persistence Contexts
  • Java Persistence Query Language
  • Transactions
  • Exceptions
  • Security Management

Methodology of SCBCD 5 | OCPJBCD 5 Certification Exam preparation

  • Familiarize yourself with Sun Certified Business Component Developer (SCBCD) exam process
  • Start your preparation with some good SCBCD books
  • Register to a good SCBCD forum to post questions and discuss SCBCD certification exam preparation.
  • Finally practice Whizlabs SCBCD Mock Exams (in the exam simulated environment) to get exposed to a variety of SCBCD certification exam questions, and pass the exam

Tips and Tricks for SCBCD 5 Certification Exam preparation

Always refer standard study guides, and websites to learn about EJB 3.0 technology during your preparation. It is better if you enhance your knowledge through discussions with peers and coaches, going through with the real case studies, and homework.

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